10+ Ways How To Make Money With A Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles on the market today. They are perfect for hauling cargo, towing trailers, and navigating rough terrain.

With some creativity, your pickup truck can generate extra cash for you and be the key to launching a profitable business.

Here are my favorite side hustles and business ideas that can put your truck to good use!

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10 Ways How To Make Money With A Pickup Truck

1. Food Delivery Services

In today’s fast-paced world, the popularity of food delivery apps has reached new heights, with meals being just a few taps away.

The craving for convenience has ignited an unprecedented demand for food deliveries, and guess what?

If you own a trusty pickup truck, you’re in the driver’s seat to seize a money-making opportunity with a food delivery service.

Navigating through neighborhoods, traffic, and narrow streets becomes a breeze with your own pickup truck.

Join gig apps like DoorDash to get sent delivery jobs. You can see how much you’ll make and where you’ll go- so you can decide which deliveries are worth your time.

Earn Money With Doordash


You’re the boss. Start and stop when you want! Start earning money as a Door Dasher today!

Make Money Driving Now

2. Furniture Flipper

chairs furniture to sell

Let’s talk about an awesome way to boost your income – becoming a furniture flipper.

It’s way easier than you might think, and trucks make moving furniture a breeze!

Hunt down some used or outdated furniture pieces, let your creativity loose with a total makeover, and then put them up for sale to make a profit.

Whether transporting DIY pieces to your workshop for the ultimate transformation or delivering the revamped beauties to new owners, your pickup truck has your back.

And guess what? You’re not just flipping furniture; you’re flipping the script on your income.

This could be your very own venture, your own business where you set the rules and prices.

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3. Moving Helper

Got a trusty pickup truck parked in your driveway? Here’s a money-making truck opportunity that might just put some extra money in your pocket.

When it comes to moving, folks often wish they had more hands to help move heavy objects and wheels to fit all their stuff.

That’s where you, the savvy pickup truck owner, come into the picture.

You’re helping people transition smoothly from one place to another, carrying their belongings safely from Point A to Point B, making their big move much easier.

Whether you want to charge by the hour or based on the number of items you’re relocating, it’s up to you. You set your own prices and define your worth!

4. Snow Plow

If you’re in an area where snowflakes fall abundantly, snow plowing services are one of the most promising ways to make money.

Snow plowing is seasonal, but it’s a snowstorm of income during those chilly months. When winter rolls around, streets, driveways, and sidewalks need some serious TLC.

And if you get the snow plow attachment on your pickup truck, you could earn $100+ per customer to clear things up for them!

Oh, and a quick tip – don’t forget about your vehicle insurance. It’s wise to check whether your policy covers your snow-plowing venture.

And considering the nature of the work, having liability insurance might also be a smart safety net if snowstorms hit your area a lot.

5. Start A Landscaping Business

man mowing his lawn with standing mower

Why not be your own boss and turn your trusty pickup truck into a money-making machine with a landscaping services business? 

From mowing lawns to trimming hedges and even giving yards a spiffy cleanup – you’re the hero every lawn deserves. 

And that’s not all. How about seasonal specialties like leaf raking and snow clearing? With some groundwork, you’ll be the go-to guru for every garden need.

Landscaping companies can offer so many services, and your pickup truck can get the tools where they need to be, and you can work outdoors every season!

6. Rent Out Your Truck

If you have a pickup truck you aren’t using as much anymore, you can earn extra cash by renting it out. 

It’s easy to let friends borrow your truck and pay you back, but there are so many people who are willing to pay to use your truck.

You can let people use your truck to move their own furniture, make big camping trips with camper towed behind them, and whatever else.

There are several platforms available that allow you to rent out your truck to people in need:

These sites connect you with renters and offer insurance to make sure your pickup is covered with every trip.

7. Regular Delivery Services

Being a delivery driver is a surefire way to make money with your own truck. People often need things delivered, and that’s where your truck comes into play.

Instead of people throwing money at a pricey courier service or “trusting” the regular mail truck, you can offer a delivery service to deliver packages.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to earn and what stuff you deliver. You could charge a mileage rate and help florists or local businesses deliver goods across town.

So, if you’ve got a valid driver’s license, your pickup truck, and a desire to bring in some extra income, delivery driving could be your golden ticket to work your own hours.

8. Advertise On Your Truck

Car Wrap Advertising Stock photo Burgerfi Delivery vehicle with wrapped advertising

One of the easiest ways to make money with your truck’s advertising space is by turning it into a moving billboard.

You can advertise for local businesses or national brands by wrapping your truck with their logos and messages.

Car wrapping like this can be a great way to earn extra cash while driving around town.

Companies like Wrapify pay you for getting truck wrapping advertisements and driving around town on your own schedule.

9. Start A Towing Service

If you have the proper equipment, you can make some serious money with your towing services.

You can tow broken-down cars and earn money by charging a fee upfront, per mile, or by the hour.

This can be a lucrative business idea, but you should ensure you have the right insurance and licenses to operate in your state.

10. Junk Hauling Business

A junk hauling service is one of the best ways to make money with a truck and recycle and repurpose items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Many people don’t have a way to remove unwanted items from their homes. Pickup trucks are well suited to transporting heavy loads, and you can earn a considerable amount per hour.

Your pickup truck can haul away unwanted items such as furniture, appliances, and building materials from construction sites.

Best Apps For Truck Owners

With the rise of online delivery services, your truck can be your new source of income using side gig apps.

Ranging from food to groceries, there are various apps that you can use to generate a steady stream of money with a pickup.

Here are my top picks for you:


Best Time To Doordash KONSKIE, POLAND - June 21, 2019: DoorDash Inc company logo displayed on mobile phone

DoorDash is a popular food delivery service that allows drivers to deliver food to customers’ doorsteps. 

On average, Dashers make $19 an hour– not bad for a side gig!

As independent contractors, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the order you want to accept. It provides an overview of the delivery pickup and drop-off locations and expected payment. 

This way, you know what base pay you’ll get and if that delivery is worth your time!

You’ll need a valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle, but most apps have this requirement, so as long as your truck is all set, you can get driving.

Read more about becoming a DoorDash driver, and see if it’s the right side hustle for you!


Postmates is another food delivery app that you can use to make money. It provides flexibility in terms of specifics like meal delivery and liquor delivery. 

With Postmates, you can earn up to $19 per hour as well, depending on your location and order frequency.

It’s a great app for owners who want to set their working hours and maximize their earning potential.

See how Postmates compares with DoorDash in my Postmates Vs. DoorDash comparison article.


As an extension of Uber, Uber Eats provides drivers with an additional way to earn money on their platform. 

With a wide range of delivery options, from restaurants to drink delivery services, Uber Eats has become popular for those looking to make extra money. 

You’ll receive cash payment with every delivery, and you can track your earnings with the app.


Grubhub is one of the pioneers in the food delivery space. As a Grubhub driver, you can sign up to deliver food from restaurants in your area to customers. 

One of the advantages of using Grubhub is that you can choose which deliveries to accept, allowing you more control over your schedule. 

The app uses a simple interface where you can see available delivery jobs in your area and claim them directly in the app. 


grocery delivery

Instacart is a grocery delivery app that allows you to deliver groceries to customers using your pickup truck. 

As an Instacart driver, you’ll receive offers to pick up and deliver customers’ grocery orders in your area. 

Instacart is an excellent way to earn extra money while helping people get the groceries they need.

You can quickly accept or decline orders, plan your route, and get paid directly through the app. 


TaskRabbit is an app that connects skilled workers with people who need help with different tasks, from moving furniture to delivering packages across town.

There are plenty of opportunities on TaskRabbit for pickup truck owners to put their trucks to work.

The most common tasks include helping people move, picking up furniture, and removing junk.

By joining TaskRabbit, you can access a wide range of potential customers and set your own rates.

Read more about using the app with my in-depth TaksRabbit Review.


If you’re looking for an app specifically for moving and delivery jobs, Lugg is a great option to make money hauling stuff.

With Lugg, you can connect with people who need help moving furniture, hauling away large items, or even transporting items to a storage unit.

Lugg provides the tools to accept jobs, communicate with customers, and get paid in one easy-to-use app.


Bellhop is an app that matches drivers with people who need help with local moving services.

Truck drivers can accept jobs based on their schedule, so you have the flexibility to work as much or as little as you want.

As a truck owner, you can offer services such as loading and unloading, transporting, and more.

Bellhop pays you per job, up to $21 per hour, depending on the type of job and the time required to complete it.


Roadie is an app that allows you to earn money by delivering items for people across town or the country.

As a truck owner, you can easily transport larger items and earn more money per delivery.


pickup truck renting

GetAround is a peer-to-peer car-sharing app allowing drivers to rent out their trucks when not using them.

The car-sharing marketplace app is perfect for those who only sometimes use their trucks, as they can make some extra cash by renting them out.

The rental service app offers hourly or daily rental rates, and you can earn up to $800 monthly.

Depending on how often they rent out your vehicle, it’s a great way to make money with your pickup.


Turo is another peer-to-peer car-sharing app that allows individuals to share their vehicles.

If you have a truck that you need to use more frequently, you can list it on Turo and start making money by renting it out.

Turo manages all aspects of the rental process, including vetting renters, providing insurance, and handling payments.


GoShare is an on-demand delivery and moving app that connects drivers with businesses and individuals who need help transporting items.

As a GoShare driver, you can use your truck to help people move furniture, deliver appliances, and transport other large items.

GoShare pays drivers by the minute and the mile, so you can earn a good hourly rate if you’re efficient with your deliveries.


If you have a truck and are willing to help people move, Dolly is the perfect app for you.

Dolly is a moving app that allows you to connect with people in your area who need help moving furniture, large items, and other heavy objects.

As a Dolly driver, you make money by helping people with their moving needs. Plus, you can set your own rates and work on your own schedule.


How can I make money with my truck?

woman holding fanned out cash after learning how to make money on shopify

Here are a few ideas for making money with your truck besides deliveries and hauling:

  • Hauling Services: Partner with construction companies to transport building materials, equipment, and tools to and from work sites.
  • Junk Removal Business: Start a junk removal service, helping people dispose of unwanted items and dispose of them properly.
  • Shipping Services: Offer small businesses local shipping and delivery services, ensuring their products reach customers on time.
  • Start Your Own Company: Utilize your pickup truck to kickstart your own business, whether delivering food for a local restaurant, landscaping business, or more.
  • Haul Scrap Metal: Collect and transport scrap metal to recycling centers, turning unwanted metal into cash.

Can I use a pickup truck for deliveries?

Yes, you can use a pickup truck for deliveries.

Many companies, such as Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, use pickup trucks and let you use your own. You can also work for food delivery companies like DoorDash.

Just make sure your truck meets their vehicle requirements, which usually include having a certain amount of cargo space and being in good condition.

What apps pay me to use my truck for work?

Some apps connect truck owners with people or businesses needing transportation, hauling, or delivering stuff. 

Here are a few ways to make money with apps:

  • GoShare: GoShare connects truck owners with individuals and businesses needing help from a moving service, delivering, and hauling.  
  • TaskRabbit: While not exclusively for pickup owners, TaskRabbit is a platform that offers a variety of tasks, including moving and hauling services.
  • Lugg: Lugg is an app that helps people find movers and drivers to help with tasks like moving furniture, picking up items from stores, and hauling junk.

Final Thoughts


With some creativity, you can turn your pickup truck into a profitable income stream.

There are several ways to make money with a pickup truck, from a moving service to delivering goods and hauling heavy items to junk removal.

Your pickup truck can become your passport to financial independence with determination and hard work.

Join DoorDash to make money from food deliveries or other apps to rent out your truck or deliver packages.

Consider one or more of these low-cost business ideas that put your truck to work and make you more money!

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You’re the boss. Start and stop when you want! Start earning money as a Door Dasher today!

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