17 Best Ways To Earn Free Apple Gift Cards

Do you love all things Apple? If yes, then you know how expensive Apple devices and products can be!

But what if there was a way to enjoy Apple products without leaving a massive dent in your wallet?

You can get your hands on Apple’s cutting-edge gadgets, mind-boggling games, and top-tier apps for little to no cost.

It all comes down to a simple secret: earning free gift cards.

Now, you might wonder: How can I earn these free Apple gift cards? Is it really possible? I’m here to tell you – it is, and it’s easier than you might think.

So, get ready to discover how to save some serious cash with free Apple gift cards and enjoy what Apple offers.

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Quick Picks

17 Best Ways To Earn Free Apple Gift Cards

From taking surveys to using cashback apps, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on Apple gift card codes.

Here are some of my favorite ways to earn free Apple gift cards!

1. Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie is a survey site where you can open a free account to take paid surveys every day and earn points.

You can exchange points for PayPal money, a prepaid Visa debit card, or cash deposited in your bank account. But you can also get Apple gift card codes.

But, if you prefer, you can opt for e-gift cards from popular retailers like Walmart or Amazon or snag an iTunes gift card.

Check out my Survey Junkie Review to learn how Survey Junkie pays with gift cards, and see if you can snag a free Apple gift card this week!

Survey Junkie

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2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of my favorite ways to get those awesome free Apple gift cards!

They make it super easy to earn those gift cards. The best part is they offer various ways to score them – take surveys, play games, shop online, or snag special offers.

Once you’ve earned just 100 SB ($1), you can cash out and get a sweet Apple gift card. How awesome is that?

Oh, but wait, there’s more! They’ve got many other options, too – Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, you name it!

Find out more about Swagbucks in my Swagbucks Review!

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3. Kashkick

KashKick is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site, and it’s a super fun and easy way to make some extra cash on the side and get free Apple gift cards.

They’ve got something for everyone – take surveys, watch videos, or check out cool offers. Each task you complete earns points; you can redeem those points for all kinds of cool stuff.

One of the options is Apple gift cards! So if you’re dreaming of a new Apple gadget or want to use it for Apple books, KashkKck can help you get there without touching your savings.

Learn everything you need to know about KashKicks in my in-depth KashKick Review!


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4. Branded Surveys

branded surveys sign up

When it comes to tasks, Branded Surveys offers a simple and rewarding experience.

By completing online surveys or participating in online focus groups, you earn points that can be redeemed for various options, including Apple gift cards or iTunes gift cards. 

Or, you can spend them on a wide range of gift cards, with over 100 options available!

Dive into my Branded Surveys Review and learn everything you need to know.

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5. InboxDollars

With InboxDollars, you get rewarded for things you already do, such as reading emails, online shopping, and completing surveys.

You can get a free Apple gift card and use your web surfing skills to get that coveted Apple Music subscription or save up for that shiny new Apple device you’ve been dreaming about.

InboxDollars is all about turning your online time into real cash rewards or a free gift card.

Find out more about InboxDollars in my InboxDollars Review!

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6. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a great platform for surveys when it comes to earning rewards like an Apple gift card.

They make sure there are surveys for everyone, so no matter what you’re into, you’ll find a way to score some cool goodies.

Prize Rebel values your input and genuinely wants to hear what you have to say and will pay you with a free Apple gift card.

7. MyPoints

mypoints homepage

MyPoints has many ways to earn fast rewards, and it’s super easy! You can take surveys or do some online shopping – they’ve got it all covered.

But wait, there’s more fun! You can earn points just by watching videos. Whether it’s funny clips or interesting documentaries, you get entertained, and MyPoints rewards you for it.

You earn rewards for free Apple gift cards or iTunes gift cards. Get more details about MyPoints in my MyPoints Review!

8. Lifepoints

LifePoints is a global market research surveying site that’s free to join, and you’ll get a nice 10 points bonus when you sign up and be on your way to earning an Apple gift card.

You can do different things on LifePoints to earn points, like taking online surveys, keeping track of your behavior through diary entries, and sometimes, trying out products.

If you want a Free Apple Gift Card, you’ll need to earn at least 550 points, which equals a $5 gift card. Most gift cards start at $10, so you’ll need 1,100 points.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can pick the e-Gift card you want, and yes, Apple gift card codes are among the options!

Check out my LifePoints Review to see what other rewards you could start earning.

9. Upside

The Upside app is a unique rewards platform offering cash back on gas purchases. It’s a simple and convenient way to save money while fueling your vehicle.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll earn cash back in the form of Upside points. These points can be redeemed for rewards, including Apple gift card codes.

You can also earn cash back and rewards on stuff other than gas purchases, like groceries, eating out, and a trip to the movies.

Find out more about the Upside App and why I love it in my Get Upside Review!

10. Fetch Rewards

fetch rewards homepage

By scanning your receipts with the Fetch Rewards app, you can earn points to redeem for gift cards, including an Apple gift card and the sought-after Apple gift cards.

Whether from your grocery stores, dining out, or even online purchases, Fetch Rewards recognizes the value of your receipts and rewards you accordingly.

And if you’re an Apple fan, the option to choose free Apple gift cards is a definite treat. You can use them for apps, music, movies, or a new Apple device.

You can learn more about the Fetch Rewards app in my Fetch Rewards Review!

11. Ibotta

With Ibotta, you can earn rewards like a free Apple gift card for purchasing products from participating retailers.

How cool is that? You get paid to shop instead of playing games!

Simply browse through the available offers on the Ibotta app and add them to your shopping list.

Then head to the store and scan them into the Ibotta app to earn your points.

But what makes Ibotta even more exciting is that you can redeem your rewards for gift cards from major retailers, including Apple gift cards and iTunes gift cards. 

My Ibotta Review gives you all the details about how to earn cashback with Ibotta!

12. Rakuten

Whether you’re shopping for clothing, electronics, or home goods, Rakuten has partnered with thousands of popular retailers to offer you exclusive cashback deals.

By clicking through Rakuten’s links before making your purchase, you activate the cashback feature.

After completing your transaction, you’ll receive a percentage of your purchase as cashback.

Then Rakuten allows you to redeem your cashback rewards for a variety of gift cards, including a free Apple gift card.

Be sure to check out my Rakuten Review to learn more about how to earn cashback with Rakuten!

13. Ipsos iSay


On Ipsos iSay, you can do different tasks to earn rewards like Apple gift card codes.

By completing online surveys and participating in sweepstakes, draws, and contests, you can rack up points for various exciting rewards like Apple gift card codes.

You can choose from a wide selection, including gift cards from popular retailers like Target, Apple, Lowe’s, and Walmart. Virtual prepaid Visa cards are also available. 

14. Drop

Drop is an awesome free app that started back in 2012 and has been around for the long haul with rewards.

It rewards you for shopping at many favorite stores and purchasing from partnered brands.

I love Drop because redeeming my points for free gift cards like an Apple Gift Card is a breeze.

You collect points through transactions, surveys, or games on the app or website and exchange them for gift cards or product discounts with their partner companies.

15. InstaGC

InstaGC is a GPT app that has been around since 2011 and rewards its users with gift cards as payouts.

You can play games, shop online, complete online surveys, and even watch videos to earn points on InstaGC.

To get a gift card code, you only need to complete tasks to accumulate InstaGC points and cash out at low-value rewards at $1 or more.

These points can then be exchanged for a wide selection of over 300 gift cards, including popular options like Amazon, Chipotle, iTunes, Hulu, Google Play, and Apple.

16. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is a well-established polling company with over 45 years of experience.

When you participate in their surveys, you earn HI points, which you can exchange for gifts, including an iTunes gift card.

To cash out your points, you’ll need to be a member and have at least 1,250 HI points. Once you reach this minimum, you can choose the gift card you want.

Gift cards are the only way to cash out with Harris Poll; they don’t offer PayPal or direct cash earnings.

17. QuickThoughts

QuickThoughts is a platform where you can share your opinions and market data. Companies use surveys and data collection to make their products and services better.

The tasks on QuickThoughts are simple. You can complete online surveys or visit local stores and take photos.

To get free Apple gift codes, all you have to do is finish the tasks, and you’ll earn points (Panel Currency). Then, you can exchange these for various gift cards.


How can I get an Apple gift card for free?

One way to get Apple store gift cards is to participate in surveys, watch videos, shop online, or refer friends through apps like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and KashKick.

These apps give small payouts for easy activities, but if you complete surveys and watch videos in your free time, the pay really adds up.

Then you can cash out for free Apple gift cards almost every week!

What’s the best app for free gift cards and PayPal cash?

Survey Club Review

Several reputable and trusted apps reward users with free Apple gift card codes or cards and PayPal cash, but my favorite rewards app is Survey Junkie.

It’s easy to answer surveys and get paid in your free time, like waiting in line at the grocery store while dinner is in the oven, or before going to bed at night.

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for Apple gift card codes, gift cards, or PayPal cash.

Or you can join Swagbucks to earn gift cards by taking surveys, shopping online, or playing games.

How can I get a $25 Apple gift card?

You can earn points and save up for a $25 Apple gift card on most apps.

Right now, on Swagbucks, you can snag a $25 Apple Gift Card at a discount without redeeming points at all.

That means you’ll be saving some serious cash while treating yourself to your favorite Apple product or app.

Or if you’re redeeming points, you only need 2,500 SBs to get your hands on this awesome Apple gift card.

Which apps pay the most?

Each app has its own rewards system and payout rate, but some apps pay more than others.

I think Swagbucks has good pay plus more options to earn points for Apple gift cards.

For example, today, Swagbucks may offer up to 599 SBs per survey, while MyPoints may offer up to 400 points per survey.

The earning potential varies based on the daily tasks and offerings, so it’s good to compare them to know the best way to get free Apple gift cards.

Our Thoughts

sell gift cards Credit card within shopping cart. Dollar background

Many apps pay you real cash or you can earn gift cards as fast rewards.

Getting a free Apple gift card is possible by participating in surveys, watching videos, referring friends, or joining giveaway contests.

There are multiple reliable apps like Survey Junkie, where you can earn points and redeem them for a free Apple gift card so you can purchase Apple products.

But you can use more than one to rack up more rewards, so don’t limit yourself to just one app!

So answer some surveys, watch videos, and do some shopping to earn a $25 Apple gift card and more.

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