17 Easiest Jobs For 10-Year-Olds To Earn Extra Money

Looking for fun and engaging jobs for 10-year-olds to make money?

You don’t have to wait until they are teenagers to develop a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

There are many ways to make money as a kid, and a job at a young age can be a great idea.

Plenty of easy jobs for 10-year-olds can help them earn a little extra cash while learning valuable skills.

Whether your child is interested in pet-sitting, lawn mowing, or starting their own lemonade stand, young entrepreneurs have endless possibilities.

In this post, I’ll explore some of the easiest and most fun jobs for 10-year-olds and discuss why these opportunities can be valuable for children.

Quick Picks

There are many jobs for kids that they can start at all sorts of ages!

But here are my top picks for jobs for your 10-year-old kiddo:

  • Easiest To Start For Young Kids – House Cleaning
  • Most Fun & Active – Dog Walking
  • Highest Paying Odd Job – Lawn Care

17 Easiest Jobs For 10-Year-Olds

It’s never too early to start making money, especially for kids who want to buy their own toys or save up for their future.

Here are some of my favorite jobs for 10-year-olds:

1. House Chores

kid house chores doing laundry

One of the easiest jobs for 10-year-olds on my list is doing house chores.

House chores could be simple stuff like helping with dusting, vacuuming, dishes, doing laundry, and tidying up.

Kids can earn money for each of the household chores they complete, making it a great way to teach them about managing their money.

Not only will it help you, but it’ll also help teach them the importance of keeping their living space tidy and clean and preparing them for adulthood.

2. Dog Walking

If your 10-year-old kid loves dogs, they can do a super cool job – walking dogs! It’s an awesome way for them to make extra money while doing something they love.

All they have to do is offer to walk your neighbors’ dogs.

So, when those neighbors are busy or don’t have time to take their furry friends out for a stroll, your child can step in and be their dog’s walker!

Hanging out with cute dogs isn’t just fun. It’s also great for your child’s activity level. They’ll be moving around and having a blast!

3. Pet Sitting

dog surrounded by toys

Pet sitting is one of the best jobs for your 10-year-old if they are crazy about animals and want more time with them.

Whenever your friends or neighbors go on a vacation or need to be away for a bit, they can count on your child to look after their pets during that time.

Your child may spend time with various animals, such as fluffy cats, playful pups, and even cute little critters like hamsters or birds.

They can shower these furry friends with love and attention while their owners are away and earn extra money.

4. House Cleaner

If you’re considering paying your kiddo to help with extra chores around the house, house cleaning is naturally the next step.

House cleaning services are one of the best jobs for 10-year-olds to make their own money while providing a useful service.

They can clean windows or vacuum floors for nearby friends and family and get paid for it.

This can potentially become a lucrative side hustle as they get older, besides teaching them how to keep tidy and follow directions for clients.

5. Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand

Running a lemonade stand is a timeless tradition, and it’s a great way to learn about being an entrepreneur and handling money.

Your child can set up a cute little stand with a sign that says “Fresh Lemonade!” They whip up some tasty lemonade, pour it into cups, and then sell it to thirsty customers passing by.

They can create flyers for the neighbor, have you help them with social media, and get customers through word of mouth.

It’s a blast to be the boss of their own little business, and they also get to interact with people and practice their social skills.

6. Lawn Care

When autumn rolls around, and those colorful leaves start to fall, one of the best jobs for ten-year-olds is raking the leaves!

But there is yard work they can get paid for all year long.

Most kids can rake leaves, mow the lawn, or trim bushes for neighbors and family.

If they don’t know how to use a lawn mower, you can teach them or help them find someone or somewhere they can borrow a push mower.

7. Baker

Business ideas for teens choosing future career. ready to eat. healthy and organic food only. professional menu. Own business. teen girl chef wearing uniform. child study how to cook by recipe. kid cooking in kitchen.

If your child loves to whip up yummy treats in the kitchen, here’s a perfect job for them – why not sell their baked goods to friends, family, and neighbors?

Your child can bake delicious cookies, cupcakes, or brownies – whatever their specialty- and then share the tasty goodness with everyone.

They can set up a little “Bake Sale” at home or take their goodies door-to-door. They can even make it a catering option for birthday parties or school events/fundraisers!

Not only will they have a blast doing what they love and make money with it, but they’ll also get to practice their baking skills and discover new recipes.

8. Gardener

Gardening is a perfect way for a 10-year-old to make money while having fun in the sun.

Your child can start a gardening business and offer their services to neighbors or family members. They could help with planting, weeding, watering plants, harvesting crops, and more.

They’ll discover how to care for different plants, when to give them water and how much/often, and how to keep the garden looking beautiful and lush.

9. Senior Helper

raking leaves kids help seniors

Your 10-year-old can become a real hero in your neighborhood by helping out seniors!

It’s a fantastic way for them to make a big difference in the lives of older folks who need assistance with everyday tasks or getting groceries.

They can help with housework, lawn mowing, or even carrying those heavy grocery bags. It kind of rolls a bunch of odd jobs into one!

It’s a great summer job idea for your child, and they’ll set a fantastic example for other neighborhood kids too.

10. Social Media Influencer

Starting their very own social media account, YouTube channel, or even a blog is about more than just having fun online.

It’s an awesome way for them to learn some seriously cool skills for online jobs!

Your child can create and share content they’re passionate about on their social media accounts with your help and supervision.

Whether it’s their favorite games, fun DIY projects, or anything that sparks their creativity, they can be the star of their own little show or the author of their own digital journal!

And here’s the best part – while they’re busy making cool videos or writing awesome blog posts, they’ll learn essential skills like branding and engaging with an audience.

11. Jewelry Maker

kid jewelry making Girl making beaded jewelry at wooden table, top view

Does your child have an artistic flair? Becoming a jewelry maker is a great option to make extra money.

They only need basic jewelry-making supplies such as beads, clasps, and string. I find that stuff at thrift stores all the time, in bulk, for cheap!

They can create unique jewelry pieces to sell to their family and friends or even at local craft markets. This job will teach them creativity, attention to detail, and marketing.

12. Wash Cars

Do you know what’s a classic and fun way for kids to earn money? Offering to wash your neighbor’s cars! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Your child can charge a flat fee or even ask for tips, and the best part is that they’ll get some good exercise while making some extra cash.

All they need is a bucket of water, soap, and a scrubber, and they’re all set to go!

The best part is that they can do this during their free time or after school hours. So it won’t interfere with their studies or other activities.

13. Farmer

kid farming

Kids can get their hands dirty and nurture the plants, watching them grow from tiny seeds to delicious produce when they help with farming.

Planting and cultivating fruits, vegetables, and herbs will teach them valuable skills and a deep appreciation for the environment and the food we eat.

They can also learn about money management by selling their produce at the local farmer’s market.

14. Raise Chickens & Sell Eggs

Raising chickens is an excellent opportunity for ten-year-old children to learn about responsibility and care in a family business.

They can care for the chickens by feeding them and providing them with water and a clean living area.

Once the chickens start laying eggs, ten-year-old kids can sell the eggs to neighbors, family members, and even at the local market.

15. Deliver Papers

kid newspaper delivery A boy delivering newspapers on his bicycle.

Delivering newspapers on a paper route has always been a job for ten-year-old kids. Your child can do it too!

Here’s what the ten-year-old child would do – they throw the paper from their bike as they ride around the paper route. It’s an opportunity for them to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and exercise.

They’ll learn about punctuality, time management and earn a little pocket money too.

16. Video Game Tester

Many ten-year-old children love to play video games, and this online job is perfect for those interested in gaming.

Video game testing is an exciting and fun job that involves testing new video games from various consoles and giving feedback on their performance.

It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the gaming industry and online jobs, plus get PAID to play video games.

17. Tech Support

Smiling kid writing in notebook

Children are often more tech-savvy than adults, so they can leverage their technological skills by offering tech support services within their communities at an early age.

They can assist with setting up technological equipment in homes and offices and even charge a small amount for their help.

They can advertise their services on social media or neighborhood groups and charge a reasonable fee for their assistance.

Volunteer Work To Prepare For Jobs

Encouraging kids to do volunteer work can be an amazing experience that teaches them valuable life lessons and gets them ready for their first job and their own business.

Volunteer jobs are about more than just helping others. They also allow young ones to learn and grow in many cool ways.

Read To The Elderly

kid reading to elderly

When kids volunteer to read to older people, it’s a way for them to become more compassionate and develop strong social and reading skills.

Reading books to older adults also improves their communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

It’s awesome because these skills could lead them to cool careers like becoming librarians, teachers, or writers!

Food Kitchen

Helping out in a food kitchen is an excellent way for children to learn the value of food and its worth for people who can’t afford it.

Volunteers in food kitchens may prepare ingredients, serve food, wash dishes, and clean up the kitchen area.

These activities help develop their cooking skills, time management, problem-solving, and communication.

These skills can also be applied to other professions, like becoming a chef, a social worker, or a food critic.

Animal Shelter

Volunteering at an animal shelter can help children understand the importance of animal welfare and how to care for animals.

They may feed the animals, walk the dogs, clean their cages, and play with them. Such volunteer work can help develop empathy and responsible behavior.

This can help them decide if they’re interested in professions like animal caregivers, zookeepers, and veterinarians and learn some job skills early.


Can kids really get paid for work?

best investments for kids Happy boy in black hat and tie at the table with pile of money, isolated on white

Absolutely! Kids can earn money, but the type of work and their age play a crucial role in determining what they can do.

It’s essential to know that each state has its own laws regarding child labor, so it’s a good idea to check the regulations in your area.

Younger kids, usually around 10 years old, can do dog walking or lawn mowing jobs. These jobs for 10-year-olds are fun and teach them responsibility while keeping things safe.

What are safe ways kids under 10 can make money?

Here are some more safe and age-appropriate ways for kids under 10 to make money:

Storytelling or Puppet Shows: With this simple job, young kids can entertain younger children, family members, or friends by putting on storytelling sessions or puppet shows for a small fee.

Homemade Crafts Sale: Kids can create and sell homemade crafts, such as friendship bracelets, keychains, or painted rocks, to friends, family, and neighbors.

Virtual Services: For older kids with basic computer skills, they can offer virtual services like helping with simple typing or data entry.

Can a kid start a business?

Creative Business Ideas For Kids in 2023

A kid can totally start their own small business, but here’s the catch- they might need some help from an adult depending on what they want to do.

All the jobs for 10-year-olds I listed can become a business if they want to use those jobs to earn money for years to come.

What child labor laws should I know about?

Working around the home and for neighbors are the best first jobs for 10-year-olds, but some worry about getting in trouble for hiring a kid to do labor.

Don’t worry, these jobs are safe for your kiddos, and there are ways to find out what isn’t a good idea for them.

Child labor laws keep kids safe, ensure they stick to non-hazardous jobs suitable for their age, and have a good balance between work and school.

Here are some key things to know:

  1. Age for Employment: In most places, the minimum age kids need to be at least 14 or 16 years old to work.
  2. Hours and School Time: There are limits on how many hours kids can work in a day and week, like not doing school hours.
  3. No Dangerous Jobs: Jobs with potential risks, like using heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals, are off-limits for young workers. We want them to stay safe!
  4. Work Permits: Some states need kids to get work permits or employment certificates to work legally. These may need parental and school approval.
  5. Entertainment Work Rules: If kids are in the entertainment industry, like actors or models, there are extra rules to ensure they get enough rest and schooling.

How much can 10-year-olds get paid?

Pay for your 10-year-old can be different depending on what they’re doing and where your family lives. I say it’s fair to expect $10 – $20 per task in general.

If they’re helping at home with odd jobs, you can give them a little weekly allowance or reward them for completing them.

It could be $1 – $5 per chore, depending on how easy or hard the tasks are. You have plenty of flexibility to pay them a fair amount and set expectations like any boss would.

If they want to make extra pocket money doing odd jobs for neighbors, the expectations would be they get paid whatever the job normally pays.

So if a dog walker normally makes $20 an hour, that’s what they can tell their new clients.

My Thoughts

kid saving money

There you have it- there are some great easy jobs for 10-year-olds that your kiddo can start this year and make extra money.

Your child can do plenty of jobs at home, in a family-owned business, or for other family and friends to earn extra cash while learning valuable life skills.

Whether making jewelry, delivering papers, or caring for animals, these jobs are easy and fun.

Remember to supervise the working hours, make sure the job is suitable for their age, and encourage them to spend their hard-earned money wisely.