17 Perfect Summer Jobs for Teachers in 2023 (Earn $50/Hour)

With all those amazing teaching skills, you can land a great summer job or a profitable side job during the school months.

In this article, we’ll look at the best summer jobs for teachers, so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills.

As a former teacher turned blogger and stay-at-home mom, I know how important a summer job can be!

Even if you have a job already lined up, these are additional side jobs that can help you make extra money or pad your wallet year-round part-time.

These jobs are great to work your own schedule and are our top picks if you are looking for temporary summer work.

What’s even better? You can work at home with most of these jobs!

Quick Picks: Top Summer Jobs For Teachers

Summertime is for the kids to head to summer camps and you have to use that vast skill set to pick a profitable job for the summer months!

We know as a teacher you’re extremely busy and your time is very precious. If you’re in a rush, here are my top jobs for you this summer: 

  • Highest Paying – Become an online Proofreader if you love to read and easily spot spelling and grammatical errors. 
  • Easiest to Start – BookNook is an online tutoring platform perfect for teachers. 
  • Best App – Swagbucks helps you earn money on your own terms when you need it the most. 
  • Best Website – FlexJobs The #1 job site to find vetted remote work, work-from-home jobs, and other flexible summer job opportunities.
  • Most Flexible – Freelancing Writing using AI writing tools to do the work for you. 

Best Online Summer Jobs For Teachers

1. Becoming a Proofreader & Editor 

Have you got an eagle eye? As a teacher, you’re probably pretty good at spotting mistakes and proofreading are big teaching skills- which makes you perfect as a proofreader.

Proofreading is where you review a piece of content to check for any obvious errors. These will be errors such as grammatical errors or typos, or sometimes you check over content to make sure it’s up to snuff.

Similarly to freelance work, you can be paid either by word, hour, or project. You could even keep this up during the school year as a part time job, as it is very flexible.

But as summer jobs for teachers go, this one can be an easy one to fit into your schedule and earn good money.

I recommend signing up for this FREE Proofreading workshop to jumpstart your proofreading side hustle. 

An average salary of a proofreader is $36,290 according to Glassdoor. As a freelancer, you could start charging $20 an hour and gradually increase that.

Some jobs will ask that you have a relevant degree and experience in this role.

You won’t need a lot of tools to set up as a proofreader or editor – a decent computer and a fast internet connection will be the most important things.

2. Transcriptionist

woman on a laptop doing transcription work

Are you a fast typist? If so, this is one of the best summer jobs for teachers.

Transcription is where you listen to an audio file and type out what they are saying on it. This can be difficult because you may have several different voices and strong accents to decipher.

You will need a computer with high-speed internet access and headphones.

You could start looking for work on sites such as Transcribe Anywhere or TranscribeMe.

Not only that but Transcribe Anywhere has a FREE mini-course to learn more about becoming a successful transcriptionist!

The pay is around $15 per hour for transcribing work, so why not learn how to become a transcriptionist?

3. Become a Freelance Writer

If the idea of blogging appeals to you, but you’re more interested in using your writing skills, you may want to consider freelance writing.

Freelance writing is high on our list of summer jobs because you can fit in as much as you can during the summer months and then taper off if needed when school is back in session.

Plus with awesome tools like Jasper and Surfer SEO you can literally have AI tools help you create the content for your clients. 

As with blogging, it is helpful if you choose a niche to write about. The reason for this is that you will be known for that subject, and people will start to search you out. Before you become well-known as a freelance writer, there are still a lot of places where you can find writing jobs.

We recommend hanging out in Facebook groups in your niche and keep an eye out for anyone saying that they are looking for a writer.

These sites are some of the ones that post freelance writing jobs as well.

The amount that you can earn will depend on a few factors. When you’re just starting out you may be on a lower fee, but you can increase this pretty quickly.

This could even be something that you continue to pursue as a stay at home mom job and swap jobs if you want to work from home full time!

4. Start a Profitable Money-Making Blog

In our opinion, blogging is one of the best online jobs for teachers or anyone!

You can start a blog at any time of the year, but it does take a lot of time to establish and maintain a successful blog.

As a full-time teacher, it’s something you can do in your free time with a little dedication and passion.

The articles you may read about setting up a blog don’t go into all of the extra bits about putting it together and how to keep running it!

Also, not many people will mention the fact that you will probably get a bit obsessed (in a good way!) with your blog and want to work on it all the time.

It’s easy to feed the beast and work from home all the time on your blog, trust us!

When it comes to setting up a blog, you will want to think about a subject or a niche that you are happy to write about.

The most profitable niches tend to be those in health, wealth, or relationships.

To earn income on your blog, there are some great options that don’t take much work on your part.

The most popular ways to do so are:

  • Display Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Selling Your Own Digital Products & Courses

It’s really important to have an idea of how you are going to make money from your blog. A lot of people think that you just need to throw up some articles and the money will come – but that’s not the case.

The perfect time to set up a blog is during the summer when you can write in your spare time, maybe even out in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

5. Teach English Online

letters dice arranged to read "teach" with stacked books in background best summer jobs for teachers english online

This is one of the jobs that Kelan picked up when he quit his job, and he absolutely loved it. Just like people hire someone to learn a foreign language, foreigners can hire you to teach them English.

Tutoring gigs are great summer jobs for teachers. Since you’re already used to teaching students, they’re a great way to make some extra cash doing what you usually do. 

So many countries are encouraging students to have students learn English as a second language, so there are many chances to tutor students overseas.

Some companies that have tutoring job listings include:

Most of these companies will require you to have a Bachelor’s degree, live in the US, and be a native English speaker. If English is your second language, you can always search for opportunities for your first language.

And the best part is that English teacher jobs offer a lot of flexibility with your own schedule.

You can expect to earn around $15 – 22 per hour depending on a few factors, although some sites also offer bonuses just for turning up!

Being flexible and choosing your hours is great, but sometimes you may have some expectations of your time. Some companies ask you to try and be free during peak hours – for them, in China.

Just something to think about, time differences might be a factor for a summer job.

Most lessons are around 20 – 30 minutes long, with time at the end for questions. It’s similar to test prep sessions- having a small lesson or review, and opening the floor for questions your students have.

Kelan made almost $900 in his first month working as an online tutor – which is amazing!

When it comes to summer jobs for substitute teachers you definitely want to check this one out.

6. Start Online Tutoring

If you want to work-from-home over summer vacation, this is the best way to do it!

This is one of the best online jobs for teachers, as it is something that you are used to doing with your own lesson plans. It’s basically like teaching summer school but in the comfort of your own home.

If you pick a subject that you specialize in, this has the potential to earn you even more money.

You’re able to set up your hourly wage and charge the amount you wish- seeing what’s out there now, you could earn up to $60 per hour.

You could find clients on Facebook, through one of the sites we listed below, or just through friends and family. This could easily be a by opening up a summer school in your own home.

Or you can make an online, virtual summer school to offer extra help at your leisure or set up sessions ahead of time for test prep students.

This could be a great opportunity around state testing (especially all you teachers used to standardized tests!) time or even for college prep testing over the summer- students want extra test prep and there may be more chances for you to tutor more.

More test prep sessions mean more money for you!

There are some sites on which you can get tutoring work if you want to do it online:

I’ve recently looked into local tutors and they charge around $40 in my area for an hour. If you did one lesson a week this really adds up. Tutoring is a good summer teaching job.

7. Find Virtual Assistant Work

As far as summer jobs go, being a Virtual Assistant is perfect for you if you love organizing and are a whizz on the computer.

This job has become very popular for those who want to work at home, which would be a nice break from the classroom!

A Virtual Assistant is someone who helps out business owners with various tasks. The tasks that you do will depend on what your boss wants in particular.

You can learn how to launch this profitable summer job by taking this FREE VA Workshop

Examples of some of the things that you could be doing include:

  • Answering emails
  • Creating graphics
  • Posting on social media
  • Creating newsletters
  • Booking appointments
  • Writing blog posts
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Data entry

If you want to deal with bloggers, hanging out in Facebook groups and adding value is a good start.

There are also sites that you can find beginner VA jobs on such as Upwork, Flexjobs, or Indeed.

The pay depends on what you are willing to charge, but it is typically around $15 – $35 per hour.

8. Learn How to Become a Facebook Ads Manager

summer jobs for teachers facebook ads manager side hustle

This is one of the hottest side hustles out there right now because when you know what you are doing, you can make a lot of money from it.

You know when you are scrolling through Facebook, and you see some ads that look like they are exactly what you have been looking for?

Those ads have been set up by someone who is trying to target people like you specifically.

To get started, we recommend checking out Bobby Hoyt’s Facebook Ad Side Hustle course which will teach you how to do it and get started.

They recommend reaching out to local businesses that need some help with their marketing.

There is a huge potential to make thousands per month doing this.

9. Start a Bookkeeping Business

You don’t need to have any previous experience being a bookkeeper to start, and it is really flexible. 

This has become a popular side hustle, as so many businesses need help handling the smaller jobs as they grow.

You will determine how many clients you take on and set your own hours, so you can fit this around any other commitments.

The earning potential with this is big – not many people like to do their finances! Bookkeeper Launch is a great workshop to learn all about this. 

You can start off by telling family and friends that you will be doing this and get work via your extended social network.

The amount that you charge will vary depending on how much you will be doing for each client but it’s not unheard of to make between $1,000 to $2,000 with just a couple of clients. 

10. Walk Dogs for Cash

summer jobs for teachers dog walking

Walking some cute dogs and making extra money? Sign me up!

Being a dog walker is one of the most fun summer jobs out there that you could do! If you’re looking for something that you will enjoy and won’t feel like ‘work’ this is the one for you.

This is also something you could do part-time year-round that can help you exercise and stay healthy.

It will obviously help if you love dogs and have previous experience looking after them, but as long as you are enthusiastic then that’s all that matters.

Being a dog walker is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the summer weather as well.

Dog walkers charge around $20-30 per 30-minute walk – and the more dogs that you walk or look after, the more you can make!

Sign up to sites such as Rover and Care.com to find clients. You could also ask around your local area or use social media to find dog walking jobs.

11. Flip Items on eBay and Amazon

You don’t need to have a lot of money to start doing this, and you can in fact start with items that you already have lying around your home. This is one of those summer jobs that may take more time, but have some good payout when you have a keen eye for good products. But during the summer, you may have a lot of time on your hands so why not get out there and make some money?

Flipping items is where you buy something for a very low price (or get for free!) and then sell it at a higher price. This means that your profit margin will be really high.

There are all kinds of places that you can find items to sell, such as flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores, etc.

We recommend you check out our friends Rob and Melissa over at Flea Market Flipper for inspiration. They do this as their full-time job and make a ton of money doing so!

They also have a course on flipping items that will teach you all about how to do this to your best potential. I think the teachings about how to ship large items are well worth knowing. They are pros at shipping huge things!

12. Become a Gig Economy Delivery Driver

Young woman with a grocery shopping bag. Isolated on white backg

With all of the options out there now to order pretty much anything online and have it shipped to you straight away, this has opened up lots of delivery jobs.

There are companies that you could deliver parcels with such as Amazon Flex, or you may want to look into doing food delivery.

This is a good summer job for teachers as you can pick your hours and it should be low stress. Plus, for many of us, driving in the summer is much safer than wintertime so you’ve got better roads out there.

They will ask that you have your own vehicle, insurance, driving license, etc.

The best food delivery jobs are:

You can make up to $25 per hour with a good delivery job, and make extra money on the tips. Sometimes the tips can really add up, and that extra money turns into a boatload on a good night!

13. Make Money Losing Weight

HealthyWage is the place where you can sign up to earn money just for losing weight!

This is a government idea to try and help motivate people to lose weight and become healthy by providing a financial incentive.

The idea is that you will place a bet of your own money on how well you think that you will do.

Head on over to the HealthyWage Prize Calculator. You will then enter how much weight you want to lose and how long you think that you will take to lose it. You then enter how much you want to bet on this.

If you hit your goal you will win your prize money, which goes up to $10,000!

14. Search Engine Evaluator

This is one of the most unique online summer jobs for teachers to make some extra cash.

As a search engine evaluator, you’ll be looking at search engine results and checking that they are correct/relevant.

This is a great option for those who have a little extra time for a side job but don’t have as many hours to dedicate to part-time work.

You don’t need any experience to do this, and you can earn up to $14 per hour.

The best companies out there for jobs like this are Lionbridge and Appen.

15. Sign up for Research Studies

summer jobs for teachers participating in research studies

These are surprisingly well-paid, and anyone can do them. Summer jobs can be more involved, but this doesn’t often take much of your time.

The money always depends on how involved the studies are but you could make as little as $50-300 for just a day.

Signing up for research means that you will be participating in market research. This is what companies use to get feedback on their products or services.

The best companies out there for studies are:

16. Take Paid Online Surveys

As teachers, you may spend all day answering questions- why not get paid for it? Sites like Survey Junkie will have short questionnaires that are easy money for you to make here and there.

This isn’t going to make you the most money but it’s still a great way you can earn money quickly and easily.

It’s similar to the research studies that we mentioned. Some companies need market research on particular products and do so via survey sites.

You will be permitted to answer a series of questions in exchange for cash or gift cards.

The surveys aren’t very well paid – but it’s a great option when you need some spare cash over the summer holidays.

We recommend signing up to the following survey sites:

You usually collect points which you can then convert into cash once you have reached the cashout amount.

17. Website and App Tester

This is another one where you can help companies test their stuff. In particular, their websites or apps.

It is really important to them that they provide a good customer experience, so they ask people to test them out for a fee.

They will let you know specifically what they want you to do beforehand and then you will get paid for doing so.

The best website testing companies to sign up to are UserTesting and User Feel.

Other Ways Teachers Can Make Money?

There are lots of other ways that teachers can make extra money other than what we have run through above.

Your skill set opens up many doors for you to earn more income!

Let’s take a look at some more options now:

Teachers Pay Teachers

This is one of the best ways that teachers can make money. If you haven’t heard of it before, Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where you can sell resources to other teachers.

You can sell printables, lesson plans, planners, and more. You know how it is as a busy teacher, and you an essentially make money providing help to others.

The great thing about selling on here is that it’s quite passive. You only need to do the work once and then you can put it up for sale.

Even better, you could already have the resources available, so it’s minimal work on your part.

Have a look at what other people are selling their work on there for when it comes to setting your prices. It’s worth knowing that teachers selling on there have made millions!

Sell on Etsy

This can be another passive source of income or part-time side hustle because you can do the work upfront and then list it.

Etsy is an online marketplace that sells homemade products, and we have some Etsy shop ideas you can check out!

Here’s a quick list of things you can sell on Etsy:

  • Printables
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Candles
  • Furniture
  • Decorations


young woman outside with phone in hand happily making a fist and smiling at phone for cash back

You can get cashback for purchases that you were going to make anyway with Rakuten (formerly Ebates). It’s basically making extra money back on what you have to buy.

Simply sign up for the app and select the things that you are going to be buying. Then purchase them and upload your receipt to the app. That’s it!


Ibotta works in the same way as Rakuten. You can earn cashback from items that you are going to be purchasing anyway.

They also have team rebates where you can work with others to earn even more cashback.

Join the Savvy Spenders Team to start earning some serious cashback!

Final Thoughts on Teachers Making Money During The Summer

If you were worrying about how you are going to get through the summer with a lot less income than normal, we hope that we have made you feel a bit better.

There are so many ways that teachers can make money in the summer. Looking through the examples of the best summer jobs for teachers should have given you some great ideas.

Don’t forget to sign up for job sites and apps like Steady to find side gigs easily, apply with just a click, and start making money quicker!