19 Best Ways How To Make Money Without A Car

Do you feel stuck in your current financial situation because you don’t own a car?

Nowadays, having a car may seem necessary for many things. A car helps get you to work, run errands, and attend social events.

But only some can afford a car between car payments, insurance costs, and all that maintenance!

The good news is you can learn how to make money without a car and start earning money with work-from-home jobs.

From freelancing to pet-sitting and everything in between, my list has got you covered.

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Quick Picks

Some might think a car is necessary when running a business or earning extra income, but that’s not entirely true.

Here are my favorite ways to make money without having a car:

19 Best Ways How To Make Money Without A Car

1. Steady Freelancing

In today’s online freelancing market, the opportunities are endless for jobs to work from home!

Thanks to game-changing platforms like Steady, you can jump into the money-making world, even if you don’t own a car. 

As a freelancer, you can use your existing skills or even learn something new to earn $1,000+ per month working part-time.

By becoming a freelancer, you have the power to use your expertise in various fields – writing, design, programming, consulting – the sky’s the limit!

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the unwavering determination to succeed.

You can work on tasks remotely, collaborate with clients from all corners of the globe, and even get hired by the hour – all without needing a car. 

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2. Proofreading

Becoming a proofreader can be a great way to earn more money if you have an eye for detail and grammar.

Many websites and platforms offer proofreading services, and you can sign up as a freelancer to start working.

You can proofread documents, articles, books, websites, and more. 

Depending on your experience and the type of proofreading services you offer, you can earn $20 – $50 per hour.

Plus, no need for a car since it’s all remote work, so it’s perfect if you’re all about that flexible schedule. 

Not sure how to get started as a proofreader? Proofread Anywhere offers a free workshop to give you an idea of the ins and outs of proofreading. 

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3. Blogging

Cash labeled blog income in money clip

Starting a blog is my favorite way to make money without a car- it’s how my wife and I were able to quit our jobs and work from home for over 6 years now!

And here’s the real kicker – you can make some serious money blogging – like potentially hitting that 7-figure income mark!

With a blog, you can write about your passions and interests.

You’ll make money through advertising and affiliate marketing, so choose your niche carefully and write engaging content.

It takes time and effort to create content and grow an audience, but don’t worry! You can learn and grow your blog at your own pace and on your own schedule. 

You can learn more about starting your blog with my FREE Start Your Blog Boot Camp! You can get the basics and get your blog up and running this week.

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4. Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is another easy way to make money without a car. Many survey websites out there that offer surveys and other tasks that you can do for fast cash. 

They might not be the highest-paying side gig, but they are super easy to do.

You can complete surveys on your own time while you are waiting in line, on the train, or where ever you are. 

Some platforms have you answer questions and give your opinion on products or services, while others also pay you for watching videos, playing games, and more.

They’ll reward you with points you can redeem for free gift cards or sweet PayPal Cash!

My top three favorite survey sites that I use to make a few dollars in my spare time are:

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5. Bookkeeping

If you want to make $20+ an hour without leaving home, becoming a bookkeeper may be your best bet to make money without a car.

If you’ve got some slick accounting skills and experience, why not offer your bookkeeping expertise to small businesses or individuals? 

You can do it all remotely! No need to worry about hopping in a car or dealing with dreaded traffic getting back and forth to an office.

Just kick back at home, fire up your computer, and use nifty online tools like QuickBooks or Xero to keep those books in tip-top shape.

Sound like something you might want to do? 

Bookkeeper Launch offers three free lessons to help you understand the fundamentals of bookkeeping if you need help getting started as a bookkeeper.

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6. Freelance Writer

A world of money-making opportunities awaits you if you become a freelance writer

Websites and businesses are always looking for top-notch written content for their websites and social media feeds, and they’re more than willing to pay freelance writers for it!

As a freelance writer, you could write about exciting topics like travel adventures, lifestyle tips, health hacks, or even some savvy business insights. 

Don’t forget to create a portfolio showcasing your writing samples to make the most of this gig. This way, you can show off your skills like a pro and snag more awesome writing gigs. 

So, if you’re ready to let your creativity soar and stack up some cash, take my Freelance Write From Home course. It’s packed with tips and tricks to help you succeed! 

7. Playing Games

Bingo Cash Live Play

I mentioned it under Online Surveys, but let me stress this- yes, you can make money just by playing games online! 

There are cool apps like Bingo Cash and Solitaire Cash that reward you to play games. 

Don’t get me wrong, you might not become a millionaire overnight, but it’s a fun and laid-back way to earn extra bucks during your free time, and you don’t need a car!

I can sit and play a couple of rounds after we put the girls to bed and use my downtime to make a few bucks.

Want to learn more about making money by playing games and other ways to make fast cash? Check out our Fast Cash page!

It’s full of fun and interesting ways to make fast cash with or without a car with easy side hustles you can start ASAP.

8. Watch Videos

Did you know websites and apps like KashKick will pay you just to watch videos? 

And you can do it all from the cozy comfort of your home! 

And the best part is, you get to watch all sorts of stuff – from ads to news clips and movie trailers. It’s like getting paid to enjoy some screen time!

The pay won’t replace your full-time job, but it’s a sweet and effortless way to pocket some extra cash during your downtime. 

I like to play videos in the background while making dinner, washing dishes, or even working out. It helps monetize my time even when I’m just doing house chores.

9. Open An Online Store

Shopify has been a total game-changer for me! With this platform, I’ve created my very own e-commerce store; you can too!

And guess what? You can make money without a car in this money-making adventure! You don’t have to make and deliver products or anything.

Here’s the deal – you can sell all sorts of stuff in your store, from handmade crafts to nifty digital products or trendy clothing.

I sell printables in my Shopify store, but the possibilities are endless with what things you can make and sell!

Your creativity knows no bounds, and neither does your earning potential. 

And the best part is that you’re not limited to selling locally. With online marketing magic, you can reach customers from all corners of the world! 

10. Tutoring Online

English teacher showing explaining grammar rules to students online

With the surge in online education, the demand for online tutors is skyrocketing. So, if you’re a pro in a particular subject, get ready to cash in by teaching people online!

Here’s how – online tutoring platforms like BookNook connect eager learners with knowledgeable tutors like yourself.

The best part – you get to conduct lessons through video calls. It’s like having your very own virtual classroom! 

Plus, the flexibility of being an online tutor is unbeatable – you can set your own schedule and fees.

You’re the boss of your tutoring business, and you don’t need your own car!

So, whether you’re an ace at math, a wordsmith in English, or a science whiz, there are eager minds out there waiting to learn from you. 

11. YouTube Streaming

Do you have a talent or passion that you’re dying to share with the world?

It’s time to unleash your creativity and special skills to start your YouTube video channel!

Think about it – whether you’re all about fashion, beauty, gaming, or music, there’s a massive audience out there just waiting to be wowed by you with your YouTube channel! 

Once you start creating awesome content, the possibilities with this side hustle are endless.

You can earn money through YouTube ad revenue, snag some cool sponsorships, and even get those product placements rolling in.

So, are you ready to hit that record button and let your creativity shine but aren’t exactly sure how to get started in this side hustle? 

Mastering YouTube has an excellent course that will show you how to get your YouTube channel started and profitable. 

It can help you start earning thousands per month with your videos!

12. Getting Cash Back

Free money is also a great idea to make money without a car! So I recommend checking out cash back apps that reward you for your typical shopping.

Like most loyalty programs, you can cash out with PayPal or snag gift cards for your favorite stores.

It’s like getting rewarded for the shopping you’d do anyway – talk about a win-win situation!

A couple of my favorite money-making apps are Fetch Rewards and Upside.

Fetch Rewards is one of the best reward apps that offers a variety of cashback opportunities, from groceries to household items. 

Just shop for the items on your list and upload your receipt to Fetch Rewards.

Then, Fetch Rewards will reward you with points that can turn into gift cards and real cash.

On top of that, I use the Upside App to earn more cash back and save money on gas for my car.

I can earn points when I buy food and snacks at the convenience store, but it also helps me find the best prices for my gas.

So I suggest signing up for these cash back apps and more to earn as much free cash as possible and get the most savings possible.

13. Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Are you an animal lover at heart? Want to spend more time with animals and get some snuggles with furry friends?

Well, pet-sitting might just be your dream money-making opportunity! And the best part of this side hustle is you don’t need a car for this gig.

You can offer pet-sitting, dog-walking, or any other pet-related services to dog owners within walking distance in your community. Fur-tastic, right?

Now, to connect with pet owners in your area, platforms like Rover have got your back.

They’ll help you find clients needing your services and make getting hired and paid daily easy.

14. Renting Out Your Rooms

how much money do you need to buy a house a house made from bills of 100 dollars, dof f/x, selective focus

Another money-making idea that doesn’t require a car is renting out your extra space!

With platforms like Airbnb, you can turn that spare room or your entire home into a profitable rental side hustle.

Imagine this – if you live in a hot tourist spot or during peak travel seasons, you can earn significant money by hosting travelers and giving them a cozy place to stay.

Some people rent a room for $100 a night or a whole house for much more!

15. Renting Out Your Closets

If you’ve got some extra storage space in your house, whether unused closets or storage nooks, you can turn them into money-making magic!

And here’s the best part – you won’t need a car for this cash flow!

Check out Neighbor Storage, an awesome platform that hooks up renters with local hosts with unused storage spaces. Time to put that extra space to work!

You won’t believe how easy it is to rent out your closets or basements to people needing storage. You can rake in hundreds of dollars each month. Cha-ching!

16. Sell Your Data

Did you know you can make some extra money without even needing a car by selling your consumer data – and let me tell you, it’s a pretty sweet deal!

Companies like Mobile Xpression are all about paying for consumer data.

They’re interested in gathering info on your browsing habits, TV preferences, and more, all for market research purposes.

Selling your data can be a way to earn passive income. Yup, you read that right!

You don’t need much effort; just let them collect the data while you do your daily routine and make money off your unlimited data plan.

17. Give Music Lessons

influencer musician

Are you a passionate musician with awesome teaching abilities, then this gig is tailor-made for you. You don’t need a car at all to teach music lessons!

Teaching music online is like bringing the gift of melodies right to your student’s homes. Plus, it’s super convenient for you and your students – no commuting necessary!

You can teach lessons from the comfort of your home thanks to online platforms like Zoom, Skype, or any other telecommuting platform.

Now, to spread the word about your music teaching skills, hop on social media or check out local online platforms like Craigslist.

18. Throw Garage Sales

One of my favorite classic money-making gems is garage sales!

You declutter your home and possibly make money when you sell stuff you no longer want or need.

Set up shop right in front of your house or apartment and display all those unwanted items you’re ready to part with. It’s like having your very own mini-store on your doorstep!

Spread the word and attract potential buyers. Get creative with your advertising to get local business.

Hop on social media and let everyone know about your awesome garage sale. You can also go old-school and put up flyers around the neighborhood.

19. Get Freebies

Another great idea is to sign up with product testing websites to get freebies.

There are awesome product testing websites out there, and they’re just waiting to send you free samples to try out and make some free money.

No strings attached, no long-term commitments – just free goodies to test!

Not only that, but you can get free money from credit card rewards and other loyalty programs.

Grocery shopping is the best example- you need groceries anyways, so why not use rewards to get discounts and cash back on what you already need?

Every time you buy your essentials with credit card rewards or loyalty programs, you can rack up points you can use for more groceries or other freebies/


How can I make money without leaving my house?

How To Make Money From Home

Making extra money without leaving your house is entirely possible, thanks to the power of the internet and various online opportunities in the gig economy. 

Our favorite ways to make money with a side job from the comfort of your home are:

  • Freelancing: Join Steady and take on jobs like freelance writing, graphic design, or virtual assisting to earn money.
  • Online Side Jobs: Online side jobs like proofreading and bookkeeping are a way to try new work-from-home jobs and see what fits your skillset. 
  • Online Surveys: Complete online surveys on Survey Junkie to earn cash, gift cards, or rewards for sharing your opinions.
  • Content Creation: By creating videos, blogging, or podcasting, you can earn money through ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

How can I make money without a car or job?

There are many ways to make money without a car or job. Here are some of my favorites that you may have yet to try:

  • Passive Income Streams: Explore these popular ways of earning passive income, such as investing or blogging.
  • Renting Out Assets: Consider renting assets you own, like camera equipment, musical instruments, or power tools, to individuals or businesses in need.
  • Renting Your Parking Space: If you have a parking space in a desirable location, rent it out to commuters or residents in your area.
  • Deliver Food: Have a bike and live in a larger city? You can deliver food to hungry people in your area without a car.

Final Thoughts

laptop working from home

Making money without a car may seem challenging, but there are plenty of ways to earn extra cash without relying on your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking to work from home or find part-time jobs within walking or biking distance, the options are endless.

So don’t let your lack of a car or job hold you back – get creative, think outside the box, and start earning some extra income today.

Make fast cash answering surveys on Survey Junkie, or use Steady to start freelancing all of your high-paying skills!

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