23 Best Independent Contractor Jobs & Where To Find Them

Becoming an independent contractor can be an amazing new career that changes how you make money.

Independent contractors are self-employed workers who provide services to clients for a fee.

They can choose what projects they want to work on, set their own schedules, and work from anywhere.

A wide range of independent contractor jobs are available to you in today’s gig economy.

Let’s see what sparks your interest so you can start being your own boss and make money from home this year!

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Quick Picks

23 Best Independent Contractor Jobs

1. Proofreader

Earning Potential – $20 – $35+ per hour

Becoming a proofreader could be your calling if you have a keen eye for detail and a strong command of language.

Proofreaders meticulously review written content to catch spelling and grammar mistakes, ensuring accuracy and quality.

Many businesses and individuals need someone to review their documents, websites, and social media posts for grammar and spelling errors.

A free workshop can show you how to begin your journey into freelance proofreading.

Proofread Anywhere covers the basics, so you’ll know if proofreading is for you.

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2. Blogger

what to blog about

Earning Potential – 6+ figures per year

I love blogging because you can write about any subject you want to make money while enjoying the freedom to work as you please.

You can start a blog easily, write content for it, and then monetize it to earn an income.

You can make money with affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and those striking ads that can pop up on your blog.

Plus, you can even create and sell your own digital products, like e-books or online courses, straight from your blog.

I can teach you the basics of building a successful blog from the ground up. I’d love to help you start as a blogger with my free Start Your Blog Bootcamp!

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3. Online Seller

Earning Potential – $1,000+ per month

If the idea of running your own business interests you, you might want to consider becoming an online seller.

There are cool platforms like Shopify that make it simple. They let you sell things and make money.

You could even get into selling handmade crafts on Shopify or whatever floats your boat.

And you know what’s neat? You can also do dropshipping, where you sell stuff for another company without handling the products.

4. Bookkeeper

Earning Potential – $20 – $35+ per hour

Becoming a bookkeeper can be a great avenue for an independent contractor who likes numbers and Excel Sheets.

Bookkeepers keep track of financial records and business expenses and provide spreadsheets to monitor everything.

Knowing where to start working as an independent contractor, as a bookkeeper, or starting a small business can be hard.

These free bookkeeping lessons can tell you more about starting your bookkeeping career!

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5. Freelance Writer

Young freelancer drink coffee and think about work. blogger, working space on the couch.

Earning Potential – $29 – $70+ per hour

You might want to become a freelance writer if you’re great at putting words together and love creating interesting stuff.

It’s a really interesting career that gives you much freedom and feels pretty rewarding. You can write on topics you like and learn new things every day!

As a freelance writer, you get to work on your own terms. You can decide when and where you work and make a flexible schedule, which is pretty awesome.

Learn more in my freelance writing course – Freelance Write From Home! I even have a free eBook to check out and get you started!

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6. Facebook Ads Manager

Earning Potential – $25 – $50+ per hour

As a Facebook Ads Manager, you handle ad campaigns for different businesses on the Facebook platform.

The goal is to help these businesses make sure their ads get seen by the right people and that they hit their marketing bullseye.

Want to learn more about creating Facebook ads? The free Facebook Side Hustles workshop can help!

7. Virtual Assistant

Earning Potential – $35 – $80+ per hour

Becoming a virtual assistant is a great career if you’re interested in working from home and performing small tasks for businesses.

S virtual assistant assists clients with administrative tasks like:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Organizing travel
  • Managing emails
  • Creating documents
  • Providing customer service

Virtual assistants are in high demand on sites like FlexJobs as more and more businesses are turning to remote work.

8. Social Media Manager

Freelance Social Media Manager Working On Laptop

Earning Potential – $31 – $54+ per hour

Social media-savvy individuals can excel as social media managers.

In this role, you’ll:

  • Manage and engage online communities for businesses
  • Oversee the online presence of a client across multiple social media platforms
  • Create and share content that resonates with the target audience

Strong communication and writing skills can enable you to nurture an active online community and assist businesses in expanding their brand.

9. YouTuber

Earning Potential – $1,000+ per month

If you’re great at making interesting videos and attracting people online, consider becoming a YouTuber.

You can make money by creating and sharing videos about all sorts of stuff, like:

  • Teaching Stuff: You can make videos to show people how to do things like cooking, crafting, or using cool apps.
  • Talking About Things: Share your thoughts on things you buy or try. You can talk about toys, makeup, books—whatever you’re into!
  • Playing Games: You can even make videos of you playing video games. It’s super popular and lots of fun for viewers to watch.

The Mastering YouTube course is a great way to get started because it teaches you all the basics you need to know about creating and monetizing videos.

10. Food Delivery Driver

Earning Potential – $19 – $25+ per hour

If you’ve got a vehicle and a clean driving record, becoming a food delivery driver is one of the best independent contractor jobs.

How? Well, these cool platforms like DoorDash and Postmates have delivery jobs where you deliver food to hungry folks.

You use your wheels to pick up restaurant food orders and then deliver them to people’s doors.

You decide what orders you accept and keep your tips for each delivery.

11. Grocery Delivery Services

Earning Potential – $15 – $19 per hour

If being a gig worker and taking on independent contractor jobs suits you, exploring grocery delivery services like Instacart can be pretty interesting.

Here’s how it rolls: You’ll pick up shopping orders from stores and drop them off to customers.

You’re also able to stay in-store and do all the shopping if you don’t want to drive deliveries, though you may make more money.

12. Online Tutor

Earning Potential – $18 – $25

Teachers with teaching experience can tutor certain subjects and make money all summer long.

But turning isn’t just a summer job for teachers!

Anyone with some experience and knowledge can step into the role of an online tutor.

You can become an English or math tutor on BookNook, which is a great way to get started!

Students on the platform can contact you and request sessions that fit your schedule.

13. SEO Specialist

Earning Potential – $31 – $50+ per hour

A business only does well when people can find it, and appearing on page 1 of Google makes a big difference in sales!

An SEO specialist is a pro at making websites appear higher when customers look for stuff on Google.

Your job is about figuring out the right words people are using (keywords), trying to improve websites to rank higher, and seeing if changes are leading to more sales.

There’s even a tool called Surfer SEO that can help make your articles awesome and higher in search results. It’s like your secret weapon for getting websites noticed!

14. Photographer

camera take photos

Earning Potential – $20 – $30+ hourly rate

If you have a passion for photography and a talent for capturing stunning images, consider becoming a photographer.

You can turn your hobby into a rewarding career with opportunities such as wedding photography, portraits, or stock images.

15. House Cleaner

Earning Potential – $16 – $22+ per hour

Although it might not be the most glamorous job, cleaning houses can be a fantastic way to earn money.

You’ll offer services like vacuuming, laundry, and other cleaning jobs for various pay rates.

Some clients like to make things crystal clear. They might leave you step-by-step instructions on exactly what they want you to do.

Others will give you general things they’d like done and leave you to it.

16. Plumber

Earning Potential – $61,000+ per year

Skilled tradespeople with plumbing expertise can make good money as an independent contractors, providing services to residential and commercial clients.

As a plumber, you’ll install, repair, and maintain plumbing systems, ensuring the safety and comfort of your clients.

In most cases, you don’t need a high school diploma to be a plumber, but you do need to go to a trade school and get licensed.

However, unlike high school or college, you get paid for your training work!

17. Landscaper

man mowing his lawn with standing mower

Earning Potential – $35,000+ per year

Maybe you love being outside and have a knack for making plants thrive.

Being a landscaper could be a perfect fit for you to get out and make money away from the computer.

As a landscaper, your gig is all about making outdoor spaces look like a slice of paradise and fit with what your client wants.

You get to work your magic by planting all sorts of plants, taking care of lawns, and making everything look attractive.

18. Real Estate Agent

Earning Potential – $87,000+ per year

For those with a knack for sales, being a real estate agent offers the opportunity to help clients buy, sell, or rent properties.

With strong communication and negotiation skills, you can guide clients through the complex world of real estate transactions.

Securing a real estate license and gaining knowledge of the local market can lay the foundation for a prosperous career as an independent contractor, even without a bachelor’s degree.

19. Chauffer

Earning Potential – $18 – $25+ per hour

If you’ve got a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and great customer service, becoming a successful chauffeur is totally within reach.

Your job? Make sure your passengers get where they need to go safely and on time, all while enjoying a comfortable ride and making sure they remember the ride.

You can join platforms like Uber, and after passing a background check, you can earn a base pay rate plus tips for every drive.

20. Software Developer

software developer

Earning Potential – $51 – $75+ per hour

A software developer job offers the chance to create and maintain software applications for clients.

With strong problem-solving and technical abilities, you can develop innovative solutions and contribute to the success of businesses in various industries.

Skilled developers can enjoy a wide range of job opportunities in many industries, from finance to entertainment.

21. Life Coach

Earning Potential – $19 – $25 per hour

For those passionate about helping others, being a life coach offers the opportunity to provide guidance and support to clients in various aspects of life.

Life coaches:

  • Empower individuals to achieve their highest aspirations
  • Help clients overcome personal challenges
  • Provide guidance and support in areas such as career, relationships, and personal development

22. Telemarketer

Earning Potential – $18 – $30+ per hour

Are you a pro at talking to people and landing sales? Telemarketing might be one of the best independent contractor jobs for you.

This job is all about calling up folks and getting them interested in buying stuff or using services for businesses that hire you.

You dial numbers, chat with potential customers, and tell them about awesome deals. Your goal is to score sales and bring in new customers for businesses.

Telemarketers have the potential to earn a competitive income, with earnings often tied to performance-based incentives and the number of successful sales they generate.

23. Random Odd Jobs

Earning Potential – $26 – $40+ per hour

Looking to make some extra cash? Doing odd jobs can be a smart way for gig workers to earn money.

From helping with household tasks to running errands, odd jobs offer flexibility and the chance to turn your skills into income.

Handymen can command competitive rates for their services with a wide range of tasks that fall under their expertise, from plumbing and electrical work to carpentry and repairs.

Each job will pay different wages, but independent contractors with more experience certainly charge more!

You aren’t limited to what you can offer that fits your skill set, but the more you offer, the more earning potential you have.

4 Best Job Sites

Looking for the right independent contractor job can feel overwhelming because there are so many choices.

But don’t worry! You can find independent contractor jobs and other jobs on these job sites:

1. Steady

First up on my list is Steady– a job site that’s perfect for freelancers or anyone looking for flexible work.

What sets Steady apart is its side-hustle marketplace that provides gig jobs ranging from pet-sitting to customer service.

Steady also helps you manage your income and track your earnings.

With Steady, you can search for part-time work, seasonal gigs, and remote jobs based on your location and skillset.

What I love about Steady is that you can set up a profile and have job updates sent directly to your inbox.

Check out more things I like about Steady in my in-depth Steady Review.

2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a job site specializing in flexible and remote work opportunities, including independent contractor positions.

With hand-screened job postings, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible options, saving you time and effort in your job search.

The site is user-friendly and has many search filters to select your streaming jobs: full-time, part-time, freelance, or even temporary.

The cost of a FlexJobs membership can be a bit of an obstacle, but it does come with countless benefits, like webinars and comprehensive job search resources.

Read more about the site in my honest FlexJobs Review.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a popular platform for freelancers to connect with clients and find independent contractor jobs in various industries.

As an all-in-one platform, Upwork allows you to create a profile and portfolio to showcase your abilities and experience, making it easy for businesses to find and hire you.

With a wide range of job opportunities, from web development to graphic design, Upwork is an excellent resource for people looking to expand their client base and grow their business.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is an awesome site where freelancers can show their abilities and find all sorts of jobs. Think about it like a huge marketplace online.

And hey, if being the behind-the-scenes helper who tackles tasks online is your forte, then the virtual assistant role could be just right for you.

Final Thoughts

Woman happy with making money with her online business

Becoming an independent contractor can be a great way to earn a living while enjoying the freedom and flexibility that traditional jobs often lack.

Independent contractors have more chances to find something they’re passionate about and make more money to reach financial freedom.

Whether it’s freelance writing, graphic design, virtual assisting, web development, photography, or jobs like search engine evaluators, there’s something out there for everyone.

So consider becoming a freelancer and working from home this year!

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