23 Companies That Give Free Samples in December 2022

Are you looking for a way to try new products without spending much money? If so, you’re in luck! Fortunately, many companies offer free samples.

As of December 14, 2022, 23 large companies give free samples. You can test out different products without spending any money and might even find a new favorite.

Read on to learn more about where to find free samples and how to get them.

Do companies give free samples?

Yes, there are a lot of companies that offer free samples. Most of these companies are beauty supply stores, but many other kinds are also. For example, some online companies give samples of things like clothes, food, and electronics for free to their customers to test them.

Many companies give these products for free as a marketing technique because they hope you will like them and buy them later. They also hope that giving you a free product as a sample will encourage you to purchase the full-size version of the product.

We have compiled a list of these companies, which has the name and website of each company. You can learn a lot about each company and their products just from a glance.

Check out the list of companies that offer free products as samples below:

Breathe Right Strips

This company that gives the product makes breathing strips used to treat nasal congestion. Breathe Right Strips are available in many sizes, but the company offers a free pack that contains four small-sized strips.

They encourage consumers to try one in each nostril to determine which size best suits them. Visit the company’s website to get your pack!

Home School.com

Homeschool.com is a website that offers many resources for homeschooled kids and their parents. They have a lot of free things available, including free printable worksheets and free educational apps.

They offer a variety of products that are perfect for homeschooled children. These include books and workbooks. You can even request a free sample of their digital homeschool curriculum. Visit their website to learn more!


They offer no-cost products in return for testing McCormick’s products; anyone can apply for this test offer. Many tests are available to take, and you can earn points for doing them.

You will receive samples of the products to test and be compensated for your time. Visit their website to learn more about this opportunity.

Pinch Me

Pinch Me is dedicated to sending free sample products to users. They have a simple 4 step process to get your product at no cost:

Create an account > Claim free product samples > Test the products > Earn Rewards.

They have ties with many large companies. They offer various products to get people interested in their free sample products. Visit this website to find out more!


Sephora is a great company to check out if you love beauty products. They have one of the best policies when it comes to beauty samples. They have a dedicated webpage with all the free products listed on it.

One can shop online at Sephora for these products, get them for free, and won’t even have to pay shipping fees with the promo code FREESHIP. This page will always have the latest free products, so keep checking.

delivery boxes with free samples from various companies


Similac has a reward program that allows users to sign up for free samples. In addition, they offer various free samples aimed at helping parents with their baby care needs.

You can get up to $400 in benefits. When you sign up, you’ll receive exclusive benefits like Baby formula coupons and samples, Nutrition guidance for you and your baby, a Free Shutterfly photo book, Savings on Similac.com Schedule & Save purchases, and more.

If you are a mom and love free baby samples, this is the site for you.


AskTeamClean is a subsidiary brand of Henkel. They deal in detergent and fabric softener products. Check out their website if you like freebies and sample products.

They offer various free samples and many other promotional offers for their customers. In addition, you can sign up for their loyalty program to get special offers and promotions.

Visit this link to grab your free Persil sample.

U by Kotex

This company is ideal for women who want free feminine hygiene products. They offer a variety of samples and other promotional offers for their customers.

Their website will let you sign up to get free samples and discounts on their products. Visit the website here to learn more about this company.

This website is for you if you’re looking for more free samples of pads and liners.

Vocal Point

Who doesn’t want a free sample of their favorite product? Vocal Point is the place to be if you want free mascara, lipstick, or other beauty products.

Vocal Point has a section called ‘try out a prototype’ and ‘New product concept’ for people looking to participate in their program to test the newly developed products.

They call themselves a voice that impacts brands and helps customers. And best yet, they offer free samples of many products.

You can visit this link to register and receive free samples today.

SkinCeuticals Serum

This one is for you if you love your skin and free products. SkinCeuticals Serum offers free beauty samples to people who want to try their products before purchasing them. This is a great way to test their products and determine if they are right for you.

You can provide your address in the form to receive free samples by mail. They have recently reached the limit of samples that they can mail. It would be best to keep an eye on their website for future opportunities to receive free samples.

Visit this link to learn more about the free sample offers available at this company.


It is a product review company that will let you try out the latest products in exchange for your feedback. You can earn points and redeem them to get free samples of various products.

They have various products available, from health skincare to fragrances. All you need to do is signup using this link and start receiving your free sample products by mail.


As the name suggests, this website is all about makeup and beauty products; if you are into beauty and looking for free products to test, then this site is for you.

They have various beauty products available, and users can order them for free. They offer free samples of different kinds of products in skincare, beauty, and fragrances; all you have to do is check out this link and apply for the samples. If you love free stuff, this is the website you should bookmark.


Cashbackbase is not one of the free sample sites. This website doesn’t offer free products but offers 100% cashback on your shopping from Amazon. It is an exciting way to get back the money you spent on your favorite product.

You can try it out by visiting this link.

Sample Source

As the name suggests, this website is dedicated to free sample products. It is an excellent website for people who want to try new products without spending money on them. You can miss this one if you are a fan of free stuff.

They have a variety of products available. The site is currently available in US and Canada. There is a three-step process to get started.

Register > Pick the samples you want > They will ship the samples.

Social nature

This company has an aim of helping people make greener choices; they do this by giving out free samples. They operate in US and Canada; one can opt for a free sample from this company by simply signing up.

You can visit this link to learn about the free sample of products they offer.

Ripple Street

Ripple Street is a community-based website where brands and influencers meet. They offer free products, coupons, and exclusive deals to their members. You can join their program by using this link. 

They offer a variety of products; you can share your opinion, write reviews and earn more free samples by mail.

Magic Freebies

It is a UK-based site; they offer freebies daily. They have different categories: healthcare, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, and more.

Also, Magic Freebies has exciting giveaways for its members; you can try your luck with these giveaways by entering the giveaway.

Visit this link to learn more about their giveaways and the steps to join their program.

Women Freebies

This company is all about freebies for women; they call themselves a woman’s free stuff shop. They have a long list of free beauty samples to choose from. Women Freebies posts freebies daily; one can pick a freebie from their website and get the free samples by mail.

Create a free account on this website to get a free membership. They have various products, from women’s fashion to children’s stuff. This website is a gold mine for people seeking free samples from contests to coupons and surveys.

One can apply for the free sample by signing up on their website. 


This site connects companies with customers; companies can share their products and services with potential customers. In return, the customers get free samples.

They offer free products in many categories, from PC games to men’s fashion. The site updates the list of free samples regularly. You can not miss this one if you are a fan of getting free stuff.

Visit this link to learn more about the free product samples of the day.


Freeflys is another good website to get free sample products for you. Sign up on their website and look for free samples of products. They offer a long list of free stuff to choose from.

Once you find the one that interests you, visit their website and complete the registration.


This directory website displays a list of companies offering free samples to acquire new customers. They offer products in baby, food, health, and pet categories. They also offer free baby formula samples for new mothers.

You can signup for the newsletter to get the latest updates in your inbox.

Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon has a program where they offer free samples to new mothers. They offer products in baby care, food, and health. In addition, they offer a free welcome box to new parents.

You can visit this link to learn more about this program.


This website is for moms who love receiving free sample products at their doorstep. They offer freebies, free samples, printables prizes, and free ebooks.

This link will help you to understand their process.

How to Avoid Free-Sample Scams

To avoid free sample scams, you should never pay for the product. However, it is always good to check its terms and conditions. Also, avoid free-sample sites that ask for your credit card information.

Many websites offer free samples; check their terms and conditions before signing up for the sample.

Why do companies give free samples?

Companies give out free samples of their products to promote sales. They want the customers to try their product and increase sales.

It is a form of marketing where they give out a free product sample or a discount coupon to attract new customers.

How can I get companies to send free samples?

You can visit the companies listed above in the article and see what fits your profile. Many companies offer daily discounts and free samples; you need to find the right one for yourself.

Final Words

Samples are a great way to try out a product before you buy it, and they can be found in most stores that sell products. Even some online companies give away free samples of their products.

If you’re looking for something new to try or want to save money on your next purchase, check out the offers available online. Do you have a favorite website that gives away free samples? Let us know in the comments!

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