Best Forex Signals

First Place Winner:  Dux Forex  ***Most Recommended***


After testing over 300 forex signals providers over the years we found Dux Forex to be by-far the best! They are a small profit company that only charge $5 per month for their subscription and they have a win rate of up to 98%. They not only provide the best performing signals but they also only charge a small fraction of what other inferior providers charge. In other words, they are 10X better than the the more expensive services! Every forex trader should have a membership with Dux Forex and it is one which we will always recommend.

Second Place:  Ace Forex Signals  


Coming in second place is Ace Forex Signals. They are a clean, honest signals service based in Switzerland. Ace Forex Signals although not as cheap as Dux Forex, they charge an affordable fee of $37 per month but you get Forex signals directly to your phone too. Their accuracy is also around 98% and are backed up by great traders. If you are looking for a forex signals provider with assurance of a “premium” package, use Ace Forex Signals.

Third Place:  Scion Forex   


Third place goes to Scion Forex. Although they are more of a forex account management company, their dedicated Windows app also gives forex signals. Scion Forex is one of the only providers that have their own custom made dedicated Windows app and their accuracy is also great. Their price is $67 per month but you get your account fully managed by their robot and based on our opinion, it is fully worth it.

Fourth Place:  WorldStar Signals   


WorldStar Signals is remarkable and similar to Dux Forex but is almost double the price at $9 per month which is still amazing. We have used their signals and they are very accurate. We gave them the fourth place because they have what it takes to be a top forex signals provider and have a lot of potential. We will re-evaluate their ranking when they release the iPhone and Android app.

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