Best Forex Signals

First Place Winner:  Dux Forex  ***Most Recommended***


After testing over 300 forex signals providers over the years we found Dux Forex to be by-far the best! They are a small profit company that only charge $5 per month for their subscription and they have a win rate of up to 98%. They not only provide the best performing signals but they also only charge a small fraction of what other inferior providers charge. In other words, they are 10X better than the the more expensive services! Every forex trader should have a membership with Dux Forex and it is one which we will always recommend.

Second Place:  Ace Forex Signals  


Coming in second place is Ace Forex Signals. They are a clean, honest signals service based in Switzerland. Ace Forex Signals although not as cheap as Dux Forex, they charge an affordable fee of $37 per month but you get Forex signals directly to your phone too. Their accuracy is also around 98% and are backed up by great traders. If you are looking for a forex signals provider with assurance of a “premium” package, use Ace Forex Signals.