Bracing for a Monumental Change in 2023

What would you say if I’m to tell you that we’re all witnessing a monumental change for mankind?

Well, some of you’ll say that’s nothing. You may rattle off several major events that people have lived through over the past century:

  • The Great Depression
  • Second World War
  • The Cold War
  • The Electronic Age
  • The Moon landing
  • The formation of the European Common Market
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall
  • The dotcom bubble
  • 9/11
  • The subprime crisis
  • The Arab Spring
  • The rise of AI technology

…and more…

Those marked a major turn in human society. It showed our resilience through thick and thin, as well as our ingenuity in conquering different frontiers.

But I reckon we’re staring at the cusp of something even more substantial.

It’s more than the demise of mainstream media that’s been revealed to be nothing more than the communication arm of corrupt leftist governments and globalist elites.

It’s more than the revelation of a façade of democracy, as we find that our elected leaders are often nothing more than installed puppets via a rigged and compromised electoral process.

It’s even more than the imminent demise of the petrodollar financial system, which is more than 50 years old, outliving its lifespan by almost a decade. This is the system that conjures currency out of thin air to buy up literally everything and then creates a false sense of reality while robbing us blind and oppressing us.

Combine these together, and what you have is a tectonic change in the global order.

The Liberal World Order and Pax Americana

To put in simple terms, a world order describes how countries around the world interact with each other economically, geopolitically, and strategically.

Since the end of the Second World War, the US dominated the world under the Liberal World Order. The US is assisted by its allies including (to name a few) the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, and Australia. Many of these nations share in common a democratically-elected government, a legal system administered separately from the governing body, open economies, and financial markets and individuals with personal rights (to varying degrees).

International organisations such as the United Nations (UN), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation (WTO), etc., oversee countries in forming trade agreements, military alliances, as well as settling disputes.

The term ‘Pax Americana’ describes this era where peace existed in a large proportion of the world, with armed conflicts confined to selected regions.

A decaying system rotting from the core

On the outside, the Liberal World Order appears to be on the right track. It sets the standard for nations to attain — a democratic society, a government body with cheques and balances, free and open markets, human rights for individuals — regardless of sex, ethnicity, social class, beliefs, and lifestyle preferences — and a fair judicial system.

Until the last 20 years, the most developed countries shared these common traits. Countries that underwent reforms to adopt these traits experienced significant growth — think about the amazing rise of South Korea from its smouldering ruins post-Korean War in the 1950s to become a technological leader today!

However, the prolonged dominance of the US in the Liberal World Order is not so much a blessing as it is a curse. Despite the robustness of the US Constitution that seeks to safeguard its people from government and institutional corruption, eventually, the rot will set in and spread.

That’s exactly what’s been happening, and it’s only in recent times that we’re able to see the malaise fully.

Most of you know about the blight of the corrupt Uniparty system comprising self-interested and compromised Congressional members from both sides of the aisle.

Not to mention the Federal Reserve and its undisclosed owners who have ties to Wall Street and the European banking dynasties.

Then there’s mainstream media, Hollywood, athletes, and intelligentsia who are bought and paid for by foreign and international corporate money to promote subversive values and the rising wealth inequality.

All these threaten to not only divide the country but also, because of the power of the US military, could endanger the rest of the world as the Military Industrial Complex picks fights or foments conflict between nations through its foreign policy.

This isn’t just a problem that the people in the US experience, it’s similar worldwide. I’m just using the US as an example to highlight it.

Until recently, people see these organisations that cause people to suffer to be separate organisations vying for power and resources.

We now see more clearly that they’re all tied together, and that there’s something driving it.

And here I point to the World Economic Forum, the head of the beast.

Most of you are more than familiar with this organisation and how it appears to dictate to world leaders and major institutions on just about every major decision and event in recent history — be it the Wuhan virus outbreak, dealing with the transition of our financial system into digital form, and our way of life with carbon credits to deal with climate change.

I’ve written about the pervasiveness of this unelected body. The people in this organisation hail from the top tiers of society, and are related to each other through political, business, and ideological ties. You can read about it here.

There’s no more theory about their conspiracies!

I know that many who are aware of this feel that the future is bleak, and resistance is futile. Up until recently, I shared that outlook.

But I believe the tide has turned…irreversibly so.

A surprise twist with more to come!

The World Economic Forum juggernaut has been heading for destruction since last year.

How so?

Through the change in the public perception towards them.

You see, we’re living through a Global Information War. Instead of conquest using missiles, bullets, and boots on the ground, it’s with information to capture our hearts and minds.

When Elon Musk gained control of Twitter by outmanoeuvring the board and management who sought to keep his hands off the platform, the tables turned.

The release of communication behind the scenes between government officials, intelligence personnel, and institutional and business leaders with Twitter staff revealed collusion to suppress the truth from the public in order to control them, has confirmed what was once deemed a ‘conspiracy theory’.

‘Twitter Files’, as it’s known, has landed a fatal blow on the remnant credibility of the ruling class and its associates.

No longer will they be able to dominate the news narrative through their self-proclaimed ‘official story’ and ‘consensus of expert opinions’.

It’s only a matter of time before even the most loyal adherents of the globalist ideologues abandon ship and turn on those who fooled them for so long.

With a crumbling economy, even those in power and aligned with the globalists will seek to save their skin and thereby bring the system down to its knees.

The Liberal World Order will fail and bring down the global economy.

Nations will — once again — have to come to the table to negotiate a new order and financial system.

What will they bring to the table?

My guess is real money — gold.

Central banks and traders on Wall Street have long tried to keep gold suppressed. But even they were scrambling to buy gold last year, at record levels mind you!

Gold is going to decide who calls the shots in the coming years.

There’s a change in the world order, but not without a storm and rough times.

My colleague and fellow editor of The Daily Reckoning Australia, Vern Gowdie, is of a very similar mind. He sees the risks that a corrupt monetary system puts on the markets, and that 2022 was just a taste of the kinds of big losses to come. He believes non-tangible investments — like stocks and crypto — are unpredictable minefields that are best to avoid…with drops of up to 70% on the cards.

If, like Vern, your main mission in 2023 is to protect and preserve your wealth, join him and Bill Bonner in a four-part strategy session aimed entirely at ‘Avoiding the Big Loss’. The first session is on Monday, 16 January, and it’s completely free to attend. Reserve your place here.

God bless,

Brian Chu Signature

Brian Chu,
Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia

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