Does Ace Hardware Have a Military Discount?

The smell of lumber, an array of tools and everything you need for a DIY project – you can find it all at Ace Hardware. Military members and veterans looking to save money on projects may be eligible for an Ace Hardware discount.

Here’s how Ace Hardware military discount and incentive programs work.

Does Ace Hardware Have Military Discount?

While Ace Hardware doesn’t offer a corporate-level military discount, individual locations may offer one. Each Ace Hardware location is individually owned and operated, so military discount offers vary by store. 

Contact your local Ace Hardware store to see if it offers a military or veteran discount. Ask about other savings opportunities, including sales and store reward programs.

The Military Discount Rate at Ace Hardware

Though the Ace Hardware chain is made up of individual franchises, the stores we called all offered some kind of military discount or incentive program. Some Ace Hardware locations offered a 10% markdown; one offered a reward point multiplier in lieu of a military discount. 

However, on Veterans Day and other military holidays, they may offer steeper sales. Check out your local store’s website and sale ads for coupons you can use with your standard discount. 

How Does the Military Discount Work at Ace Hardware?

At participating stores, Ace Hardware’s military discount takes a portion of the cost off your final bill at checkout. At other locations, shoppers may receive an increased points value for each purchase. Check your receipt after shopping to ensure the store properly credited your account.

It’s important to note that there is no national discount; incentives are only available in-store, not on the website.

How to Use the Ace Hardware Military Discount

To use your military discount, bring military or veteran identification, such as a common access card, veteran ID card or a driver’s license with veteran designation. Show your ID to the cashier at checkout. 

Will I Need Military Identification?

You must show proof of military service to qualify for an Ace Hardware discount. If you don’t have a military ID, you may be able to prove your service with a DD-214 or other discharge paperwork. 

Some locations may be able to attach your military discount eligibility to your Ace Hardware Rewards card. Speak with a customer service representative or manager at your local store to see if this is possible. 

In addition to the military discount, Ace Rewards allows you to earn 10 points per dollar spent every time you shop at Ace. Points are converted into cash at a rate of $5 per 2,500 points. Plus, you’ll have exclusive access to member benefits like free delivery, offers, and instant savings.

Eligibility for the Ace Hardware Military Discount

Ace Hardware military discounts vary by location. Active-duty, National Guard and reserve service members, veterans and military spouses may be eligible for a military discount or Ace Hardware reward points multiplier. Ask your local franchise about their discount policy.

Ace Hardware Military Discount Restrictions

Some home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, restrict discount-eligible merchandise on bulk orders and market-priced items like lumber and masonry. 

Ace Hardware military discount restrictions are unclear because each store has different policies. Speak with a store manager to find out if your local store’s discount policy covers your merchandise. 

Other Hardware Stores With Military and Veteran Discounts

Other hardware stores may also offer a military discount or reward program incentive. Compare prices and discounts at Home Depot, Lowe’s and Valu Home Centers.