Dunkin’ Donuts 2022 Veterans Day Military Discount

Every Veterans Day, companies across the country say a special thank you to our nation’s veterans, saluting their service by offering them deals and discounts on products.

Dunkin’ Donuts honors military service members with a 10% discount on their coffee and doughnuts at participating locations. On Veterans Day, veterans and active military personnel can enjoy a complimentary doughnut.

On Veterans Day, their military discount extends even further, and veterans and active military personnel who stop in at their local Dunkin’ Donuts can enjoy a complimentary doughnut.

If you’d like to take advantage of this sweet discount, there are a few things you need to know.

Read the quick guide to Dunkin’ Veterans Day discount below to be sure you have what you need to get this appetizing offer and enjoy your Veterans Day!

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How Does Dunkin’ Donuts Support the Military?

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Dunkin’ usually offers a 10% discount on meals (donuts and coffee) to all active servicemen and servicewomen. This discount does not have an offer or coupon code.

In order to get this offer, you must display a military ID at checkout. You should also note that Dunkin’ daily military discount is only available at participating Dunkin’ locations in the country. (contact your local Dunkin’ to verify participation).

Family members of active-duty servicemen and servicewomen cannot utilize this discount.

Aside from this promotion, Dunkin’ Donuts also supports “Homes For Our Troops,” an endeavor to build custom homes for severely injured post-9-11 veterans. 

Through the “Coffee for Our Troops” program, Dunkin’ has donated over 300,000 pounds of coffee to the troops deployed overseas. A monthly lottery event decides where the 10 cases of coffee will be donated.

Finally, the military-inspired virtual Dunkin’ gift card makes it convenient for other customers to contribute towards honoring the active military members, as well as the veterans (on Veteran Day).

These gift cards can be purchased and sent to active military members and veterans online at DunkinCoffeeBreak.com or through the Dunkin’ mobile app.

What You Need to Bring with You

To take advantage of the 10% discount at Dunkin’ Donuts, you need to show your military affiliation with some form of ID.

The ID must show that you are currently a member of the armed services and should be issued by the United States Department of Defense.

The Common Access Card (CAC) is one of the main military IDs for active-duty military members. While some vendors only ask that you wear your uniform or show a picture of yourself in uniform, Dunkin’ will not necessarily accept that as valid proof.

What Dunkin’ Veterans Day Deal Includes

On Veterans Day, one free donut is typically offered to all veterans and active-duty military while supplies last. No additional purchase needs to be made to receive the free donut.

Please note that not all Dunkin’ locations will participate. Since it is up to the individual owners of the outlet, you can give your location a call to inquire about their offer and any specific terms and conditions.

When Veterans Can Get Their Discount

The Veterans Day special at Dunkin’ is typically only available on November 11th.  Although some restaurants and food chains offer week-long deals and offers for veterans, Dunkin’ offers this deal for Veterans for a single day only.

Whereas other restaurants only offer a free meal at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Dunkin’ offers its free donut deal all day long.

Who Is Eligible for Dunkin’ Veterans Day Discount

The offer is valid to all veterans who have served in the armed forces, National Guard, and reserves.

Active-duty members can also avail this offer on Veterans Day. Further, a veteran who has been “honorably” discharged, or discharged due to service-connected disability is also eligible for the offer.

Common forms of ID include a military ID Card, US Uniform Retired Services ID cards, veterans ID card, Veterans Service Organization Card, current leave and earnings statements (LES), DD form 214 or other discharge paperwork, a drivers license with a veterans stamp, or other proof of military service.

Again, please note that your family or guests accompanying you are not eligible for a free donut.

Enjoy Your Veterans Day Discounts

On this special day built to honor your service, take advantage of all the Veterans Day discounts and promotions in your area. There are also a ton of events and attractions you can enjoy at a special rate.

And after enjoying a tasty glazed donut at Dunkin’, you can drive to one of your favorite restaurants offering Veterans Day discounts and enjoy a free meal. The possibilities are endless.

We are constantly updating our lists of Veterans Day discounts, so keep checking the Military Wallet to see all of the Veterans Day opportunities available to you. I hope you have a Happy Veterans Day as we celebrate your bravery, service, and sacrifice.