What is Element Forex?

Element Forex is a forex system development, review, research and education service. All of our services are FREE. We are a heavy research group that tests the latest forex robots/systems and give our unbiased opinion about it. We are not affiliated with any forex company at all. All content on our website is our opinion based on our testing/research and you are welcome to judge it all yourself. We keep you up to date with working forex strategies that work in today’s market. We do not spam your inbox. Only when we discover something of value forex related, we let you know. We have over 30k subscribers worldwide who receive our newsletters.

Why did you decide to open up this company if you are trading already?

We have been trading for years successfully and we want to implement our knowledge to all other traders, young, old, new or veteran, we serve all.

I am new to forex and I need advice on the best broker, can you help me choose a broker?

Yes. If you are new in trading, more than likely you will not know which brokers are good and which aren’t. We will do our best to advise you on the best broker to use based on our research. Just drop us an e-mail.

Why am I not receiving your newsletter?

Please be sure to check your spam folder. We use special e-mail servers that ensure solid delivery. If you have not been receiving our newsletters then something is wrong. Be sure to check your e-mail filters. If you still are not receiving our newsletters, let us know.

When do you send your daily Newsletters?

We send our newsletters usually during the US, London, Asian, and Sydney Session. So that is basically all the sessions. Be sure not to skip our e-mails because they are always important and useful to you.

Do you provide any FREE forex training?

Yes we do. Our Free seminars are available to all traders. Check our calendar or contact us to see if we have something scheduled.

How are you different from the rest?

We are very different. You will not see banner ads on our website because we are a true free service. What many forex review sites, education sites do is profit from banner ads to generate revenue, but we are not like that.

How do I Cancel my account?

If you no longer want to use our service, please e-mail support@elementforex.com and we will honor your request.

Do you offer customer support?

Absolutely. You can try us on live chat or e-mail us anytime.

How do I report a scam?

To report a scam, please visit our contact us page and select the option “report a scam”. Be sure to provide as much detail about your situation as possible. Once you submit the form, we will do our investigation and will contact you if we need more info.

Help! Someone posted an unfair negative review on my product/service. Can you remove it?

We do our best to make sure all reviews on Element Forex are genuine. Once a review has been posted it cannot be removed however, you have the option to respond to the negative review on this page.