Get A Netflix Tagger Job (2023): Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Have you ever dreamt of getting paid to watch your favorite shows and movies? Well, that dream might just come true!

You can get paid to watch Netflix as a Netflix Tagger.

Netflix Taggers watch content and help to improve the platform’s recommendation system.

Sounds like a dream job, right?

In this blog post, I’ll tell you the ins and outs of the tagging job, the application process, and even other ways to earn money watching content or doing other easy tasks.

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Key Takeaways

  • Netflix Tagger Job is a real job that involves more than just watching movies and TV shows – it requires creating tags, promoting content, & utilizing analytical skills.
  • Requirements include a background in film/entertainment, a relevant degree, & experience.
  • The average salary for a Netflix Tagger is $30K per year.
  • Apply online via the Netflix Jobs Portal for a chance to get hired as a tagger!
  • For other jobs, Nielsen will also pay you to watch Netflix, take surveys, and more.
  • Get paid to take surveys on Survey Junkie or play games on Swagbucks.

Netflix Tagger Job

Netflix on a TV screen

While the prospect of earning money by watching Netflix appeals to movie buffs, there’s more to it than binge-watching Netflix Originals.

As a Netflix Tagger, your duties extend beyond watching movies and TV shows. Your role involves:

  • Viewing and clarifying content using specific keywords
  • Creating tags based on genre, cast, theme, language, or profanity to bolster Netflix’s metadata
  • Promoting shows and movies more effectively
  • Utilizing analytical skills and research

Netflix Tagger Requirements

Getting paid to watch Netflix sounds amazing, but not everyone can land this dream job- there are some qualifications and requirements to meet.

Tagger positions typically require the following:

  • A background in film or entertainment
  • Strong analytical skills
  • A relevant degree, such as film studies
  • At least five years of experience in the film or television industry

These are common requirements found in a typical job listing. However, the requirements can vary depending on the specific Netflix Tagger position.

Netflix Tagger positions may be available in various locations, with the company headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

To stay updated on any open positions, keep an eye on the Netflix Jobs Portal and follow Netflix on social media platforms.

Tagger Pay

netflix tagger annual pay

The average salary for a Netflix Tagger in the U.S. is around $30,126 per year.

The pay for this position may vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the specific role.

Applying As A Netflix Tagger

Apply Here

netflix portal

The Netflix Jobs Portal, also known as the Netflix careers website, is the only place to find official Netflix Tagger job listings.

When you find an open position that interests you, fill out the online application and attach your resume that highlights your relevant experience in the film or entertainment industry.

Jobs are available periodically. It’s a good idea to check the portal at least once a week for new job postings.

Get An Interview

If your application is successful, you’ll be invited for an interview with current Netflix Taggers or recruiters.

During the interview, be prepared to discuss your experience in the film or television industry and your familiarity with Netflix’s content and tags/keywords.

This allows you to highlight your passion for movies and TV shows and illustrate how your skills and experience make you a perfect fit for a Tagger position.

Take A Final Assessment

After the interview, you must complete a content analysis assessment to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as a potential Netflix Tagger.

This assessment evaluates your ability to analyze and tag content accurately and efficiently.

If you pass the final assessment, you may be offered a real job as a Netflix Tagger!

Identifying Scam Tagger Jobs

scam netflix jobs

Beware of random websites claiming to offer Netflix Tagger jobs, and always verify the information on the official Netflix Jobs Portal.

Always verify job postings by checking the official Netflix Job Board, and be cautious of any suspicious listings.

Scammers may create fake job listings and even impersonate Netflix representatives to obtain personal information or money from victims.

You can mainly tell because the application site (like the blue bottom above) doesn’t take you to the Netflix jobs site but to another random site.

To protect yourself from potential scams, follow these steps:

  1. Be vigilant about sharing your personal information.
  2. Double-check any job listings that seem suspicious.
  3. If you come across a fraudulent listing, report the posting.


Can I really get hired to watch Netflix all day?

Yes, part of a Tgger’s job is to watch Netflix- but it’s more than that.

While it’s true that a significant part of a Netflix Tagger’s job involves watching content, it’s essential to understand that the role also includes data analysis and reporting.

As a Netflix Tagger, you’re responsible for categorizing content and providing valuable insights that help improve the platform’s recommendation system.

So, while you can watch movies and TV shows on a streaming service, there’s a lot more to the job than binge-watching Netflix movies.

What is a tagger, and what do they do?

netflix tags

A tagger is a person who watches and categorizes content on Netflix to improve the platform’s recommendation system.

By doing so, taggers help Netflix improve its metadata and promote its shows and movies more effectively.

They’re responsible for creating tags based on various factors, such as:

  • Genre
  • Cast
  • Theme
  • Language
  • Profanity

How much does a Netflix tagger get paid?

The average salary for a Netflix Tagger is around $30k per year, but it varies based on how much content you review and even where you live.

How can I become a Netflix Tagger?

To become a Netflix Tagger, you’ll need to follow the application process, which includes:

  1. Checking the Netflix Jobs Portal for open positions
  2. Submitting an application
  3. Passing an interview
  4. Completing a final assessment

Keep in mind that the requirements and qualifications for the position may vary, so ensure that you meet the necessary criteria before applying.

Do I need a degree or experience to become a Netflix tagger?


While a relevant degree and experience in the film or entertainment industry are preferred qualifications for a Netflix Tagger, the exact qualifications change per job listing.

Generally, having a good understanding of the industry and at least five years of experience is expected for most job postings.

Other Easy Get Paid To Jobs

If a Netflix Tagger job isn’t currently available and you’re looking for additional ways to earn money fast with fun things you enjoy, let’s explore alternative options.

Here are some of my favorite money-making apps with easy ‘get paid to’ jobs, including taking surveys, playing mobile games, and shopping.

Watch Videos Elsewhere

Other companies will pay you for watching videos, and Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is the biggest one most people recognize.

You can earn money watching videos you normally see rather than whatever’s assigned to you.

You’ll earn $60 worth of points when you sign up with your phones, computers, and tablets and have the Nielsen app run in the background as you go about your life.

The app records what you look at, what apps you use, and how long you do those tasks- so you actually get paid to watch videos, search things in Google, read articles, and more.

Take Surveys


Participating in online surveys is a simple way to earn rewards or cash. Many companies and research firms seek feedback from consumers on various topics.

Sharing your opinions and insights can enable companies to enhance their products and services, and you can earn extra money.

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Play Mobile Games

Playing mobile games can also be a fun way to earn money.

Platforms like Swagbucks offer a variety of games that allow users to accumulate points or cash rewards for playing.

Whether you enjoy puzzle games, strategy games, or trivia, there’s something for everyone on these platforms.

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Go Shop

Cashback apps offer yet another way to earn money. You can receive a percentage of your purchase back in cashback rewards by doing your usual shopping.

These apps and websites offer cashback on various products and services like groceries, clothing, electronics, travel, and more.

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Final Thoughts

Netflix on a laptop screen

A career as a Netflix Tagger can be both engaging and rewarding for those passionate about movies and TV shows.

Don’t forget the role also involves data analysis and reporting, so highlighting your analytical skills during the application process is integral to success.

If a Netflix Tagger job isn’t available, don’t lose hope.

There are alternative ways to earn fast money from home, such as taking surveys with Survey Junkie or playing mobile games on Swagbucks.

Keep exploring these options and pursuing your passion for entertainment, and who knows – you might just find the perfect job that aligns with your interests and skills.

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