Handy Review: Is Handy A Legit Side Hustle App?

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Let’s face it, not everyone is handy. But if you have a knack for performing simple household tasks, like assembling furniture or hanging pictures, you can make money with Handy, a popular side hustle app.

Handy connects homeowners with people who have the skills to perform jobs around the house. If you enjoy making money through side hustles, Handy could help you build another income stream. In this Handy review, I’ll explain how earning side of the app works. I’ll cover the key features, earning potential, pros and cons, and even share a couple of Handy alternatives. 

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Quick Summary

  • Handy connects people with skills to homeowners looking for help.
  • Handy Pros work through Angi Services.
  • The platform sets a flat rate for services in your area, which can be raised if you complete a significant number of jobs and maintain good customer reviews. 

What Is Handy?

Handy is a side hustle app that connects handy people to homeowners who need help completing tasks around their home. It was founded back in 2012 as a solution to help homeowners find the help they need. 

When you sign up for jobs through Handy, you’ll notice that Handy Pro is now called Angi Services. Instead of finding jobs through Handy Pros, you’ll use the Angi Services for Pros app to find available gigs.

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What Does It Offer?

Handy is similar to other gig economy apps like DoorDash and Uber, in that you have the flexibility to decide when and how often you want to work. Here’s are some other benefits of using Handy to make extra money. 

Connect To Jobs

The basic premise of Handy is simple; it connects you to homeowners who need help completing jobs around their house. As someone with those types of skills, homeowners will be able to book your services.

Some of the services you can offer through Handy include furniture assembly, flooring installation, wall hanging, house cleaning, painting, and TV mounting. But if you have more extensive skills and professional experience, you can even connect to clients for major remodeling projects.

The downside of Handy is that you’ll need paid work experience in the type of service you are applying for. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move forward with that service offering. It’s one way for Handy to ensure that the people getting hired on the app actually have the necessary skills to do the work. 

Reliable Payment Schedule

Before you accept a job, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paid. Once the job is complete, Handy will send the funds directly to your bank account. Each week, you’ll receive payment for the jobs you completed on the previous Monday through Sunday.

The payment is structured as an hourly wage. But you can also earn tips and bonuses from customers. As an independent contractor, you’ll need to set aside funds to cover your own tax payments

Flexible Hours

As a Handy Pro, you can determine how many jobs you want to take on. Depending on your situation, you can try to work longer hours take on jobs when you have time.

Handy’s flexibility is attractive for most side hustlers. You can easily work this gig into your schedule without giving up your day job.

Tiered Payments Or Flat Rates

The pay structure for jobs on Handy can be a bit confusing at first. As a professional, your hourly rate will vary based on your paid experience, location, and expertise.

Additionally, the number of jobs you can complete will impact your payment. For example, completing 30 jobs in the last 30 days would earn you a $5 bump to your hourly rate. But you’ll need to maintain a rating of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars to snag the pay bump.

Professionals can also earn more by completing jobs on weekends and holidays. 

Are There Any Fees?

One of the downsides to the the Handy platform are the potential fees contractors face. For example, if you miss a job, you could be charged a $50 fee. Even if you cancel between 24 and 48 hours before the job starts, you’ll incur a $10 fee.

The threat of fees means that you should only schedule a job you know you can complete. But if life happens and you can’t make the gig, canceling as soon as possible will help you avoid an unnecessarily high cost. 

How Does Handy Compare?

Handy isn’t the only gig economy app that’s paying people for handyman services. While you always have the option to find your own clients through word of mouth and advertisements, these Handy alternatives may also be worth the cost to find clients.

Thumbtack is a lead generation website and app for home improvement professionals. It connects local contractors with customers who need help with a wide variety of projects. According to Thumbtack, over 70 million projects have been started through the app. There are more than 500 project categories, and the app works in all 50 states.

Another option is TaskRabbit. Through TaskRabbit, you can connect with clients looking for help with a wide range of tasks, including physical handyman work. For example, you can help people assemble furniture, paint a room, and more.

How Do I Open An Account?

If you want to sign up with Handy, you’ll need to have paid experience with the services you are applying for, be authorized to work in the country, and have excellent customer service skills. If you hit those requirements, you can fill out an application to create a Handy Pro account.

It can take several days to hear back about your application status. If approved, you can start booking jobs right away. 

Is It Safe And Secure?

Professionals can enjoy secure payment options to receive their funds. As a Pro, you won’t have to spend time tracking down your client’s payment.

However, Handy doesn’t screen its customers, so it’s possible that you could walk into an unsafe situation. The company recommends leaving if you feel unsafe and reporting the experience through the platform. 

How Do I Contact Handy?

If you’re performing handyman services and have questions, you can connect with Handy (aka Angi Services) by sending an email to prosupport@angi.com. You’ll also have the option to live chat with a representative through the website or app.

You should expect a reasonably good experience based on the 4.1 out of 5-star review on Trustpilot

Is It Worth It?

As a professional with paid experience completing tasks for homeowners, Handy can open the door to more work opportunities. It’s an especially good option for anyone looking to fill their schedule with more work.

The downside is the threat of fees for missing a service. Plus, you’re forced to accept the flat rate offered through the app. Although you can bump up your hourly rate by completing more jobs and earning good customer reviews, you might be able to earn more by finding clients on your own.

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if the potential to find work is worth the cut that Handy takes. 

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