How Phase One Miners REALLY Work

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch James Cooper’s ‘Graduation Day’ presentation before we take it offline at midnight AEST tonight. In it, James goes into detail on microcap miners and how he evaluates them for investment in his brand-new premium trading service, Mining: Phase One.

I have to say, it’s a cracker of a presentation. Even if you aren’t into the speculative end of investing, you’ll definitely learn something from it.

One thing I want all our readers to grasp is the sheer potential of Phase One miners to deliver exciting gains…10-fold or even 20-fold in some cases, according to James.

Of course, you need to have the stomach for speculating…naturally, these potential gains are counterweighted with big risk. You could lose part of all your investment if things don’t go your way.

Which means you need to know what you’re looking for if you’re ever going to tip the odds in your favour and strike it big on one of these microcap miners.

And I think James is the man for the job.

Watch this short video below to learn what James looks for in Phase One miners, including:

  • Why some of these stocks can blow up in price without the resource even being confirmed. James gives his geo explanation…
  • The first signs of a GENUINE hit…how to sort a proper and meaningful drill strike — meaning TANGIBLE evidence of grades — from hype and hyperbole…
  • How ‘big previous discovery proximity’ plays a part…Ore bodies don’t exist in isolation. As James says, the best Phase Oners are often utilising other previous ‘Graduators’ discoveries to their own advantage…
  • How to track the key insiders gravitating towards future graduators. Not a 100% guarantee of an impending graduation…but high-up geos with key discoveries under their belt suddenly appearing on the board of a Phase One company? That’s a key marker something is up…
  • How CASH in the BANK is going to play a key part to selecting Phase One stocks in the next few months…One million in the bank or less? That’s very risky. But many Phase Oners don’t hold much more than that. James gives his inside take…

Find out all this in the video below:

And remember, at midnight tonight, we’re taking the ‘Graduation Day’ presentation offline.

So view it right now, before it’s gone, by clicking here.

James has already actioned a trade since Mining: Phase One launched on Thursday and has a few more waiting in the wings — one of which he plans to deploy today.

Join in on the action now.


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