Income Report – May, 2022

Happy June everyone! Welcome to the start of Summer, my favorite time of the year! We have made it to the final month of the first half of 2022!

What do you have planned to finish off the first half strong?

For our personal lives, May was a fun month for both Andrew and me. He started a new 9-to-5 job that will be a great step in his career outside of our websites. For me, it was fun to watch some awesome family members accomplish some amazing feats. My wife finished her second Master’s degree. My sister became a nurse practitioner. Finally, my brother graduate from officer school in the Navy.

Congrats to everyone!


What We Managed to Accomplish in May!

  • Back in January, we turned comment back on!
    • We took a break from comments but we missed the community engagement on our posts. One of our goals in 2022 is to bring that sense of community back.

We missed hearing for you all! Shoot us a “Hello!” in the comments below!

Income For May

I really don’t have much to talk about here. May was a quiet month for us. I think this is pretty common for most industries.

Last month, I did mention that I found our SEO issue and was working on fixing it. We are starting to see our metrics turn around so that is very exciting! I have learned so much from this experience!


These are all pretty incredible income generators and we’ve mentioned them before on the blog.

Monthly Expenses for Wallet Squirrel

The expression “It takes money to make money” is actually pretty accurate. As we learn new skills, we find new software and processes that help us make more money. However, they come with a cost for their convenience. Here is where our money went in May.

Monthly Expenses – $215 Total

  • Bluehost [$36] – Hosting Service
  • Ahrefs [$104] – Keyword and web traffic research
  • Sitelock [$8] – Extra security for our Bluehost servers
  • Domain [$2] – So we can keep the domain
  • Bloom [$7] – Our email forms, but we’ll likely be getting rid of this soon
  • Grammarly [$12] – We can’t live without this amazing grammar tool
  • The Noun Project [$4] – The best site for icons for our infographics
  • Sendible [$30] – A social media scheduling platform. Adam seems to really enjoy it!
  • Canva [$12] – Helps us create cool graphics!

Everything leftover has been invested in my dividend portfolio.

What’s Next For June

Even though the big issues for our SEO hiccup are fixed, there are still some smaller items to tackle. I will be working on those such as setting up a CDN for Wallet Squirrel. I also look forward to getting back to creating more content in June.

Andrew continues to crush it over at our affiliate website. I look forward to seeing what this coming month can bring!

What are you tackling in June?



Adam and Andrew

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