Should Alvin Bragg Have Brought His Case At This Time?

Donald Trump News Schmuck Of The Year Alvin Bragg

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has just gotten a grand jury to indict former President Donald Trump for having paid $130,000 in hush money seven years ago to a young woman, inducing her to remain silent about her sexual relationship with him. After all, this dalliance would not have looked good for a married presidential candidate whose wife had recently given birth.

Trump then arranged with his long-time personal lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, for this payment to appear on the Trump Corporation’s books as legal expenses. In effect, the two of them were hiding what was, in effect, a covert campaign contribution. And that is a federal crime.

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Alvin Bragg’s Case Against Donald Trump

It can be argued very persuasively that the much more serious criminal charges that prosecutors in Washington, D.C. and in Georgia will very soon be bringing should be made before Bragg brings his own charges against Trump.

After all, fomenting an insurrection, possessing hundreds of classified government documents, and attempting to alter the vote count of a presidential election are surely much more serious crimes than paying hush money to a woman who had sex with him.

Why, you may ask, would an attractive woman in her mid-twenties want to have sex with an obese sixty-year-old man whose wife had just given birth? Stormy Daniels was a porn star. And Trump – class guy that he is – is now calling Daniels “horseface.” The inference to be drawn here was that she did not come close to meeting the exacting standards he set for women with whom he would find worthy enough to use when he decided to cheat on his wife.  

Could it possibly be that Ms. Daniels slept with Trump because he promised to get her on his popular TV show, “Celebrity Apprentice”? Or maybe use his show business connections to find her other starring roles?

Harvey Weinstein, the very successful movie producer, had lured budding young starlets into his hotel room with the promise of acting jobs. But when some of them refused to have sex with him, he just went ahead anyway.

In fairness, Trump was, by comparison, a class act. With just a handful of exceptions, rape was evidently not his main thing. But, as he boastfully disclosed on his “Access Hollywood” tape,” he was a serial groper of young women.

Whatever else might be said about Trump’s disgusting behavior, he cannot be accused of being just a one-trick pony. A decorated racist and a certified anti-Semite, Trump has focused the blame for his indictment on two individuals. He has called Alvin Bragg “an animal,” and even circulated a photo of standing behind Bragg, while wielding a baseball bat.

Trump also attacked George Soros, a ninety-two-year-old Jewish billionaire, for paying Bragg “one million dollars” to get Trump indicted. Soros is a favorite whipping boy for America’s legions of anti-Semites. It was true that a left-leaning social justice organization had pledged one million dollars to Bragg’s campaign and a week later, Soros pledged one million dollars to the same organization.

 But that money was earmarked for other purposes. Indeed, Bragg and Soros never met or communicated with each other in any way. Still, as our nation’s leading white supremacist, Trump immediately picked up on this Jewish-Black plot against him.

Trump and his most fervent political supporters want to make America great again by making America white again. Trump has singled out white prosecutors and their wives for abuse, but he labels Alvin Bragg – who is Black – “an animal.” While going after his wife and daughter for good measure.

OK, let’s get back to the question we raised earlier: Is it really such a great idea to prosecute Trump over what really amounts to a relatively minor charge of cooking the Trump Organization’s books to hide what amounted to a donation to his 2016 presidential campaign? Wouldn’t it be better to concentrate entirely on Trump’s much more serious offences?

I would suggest that the voting public needs to be made aware of just what a disgusting low-life Donald Trump really is. Bragg’s case is putting that on public display.  

Will Trump be convicted? Keep your eye on Allen Weisselberg, who had served for decades as the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization. After a hundred-day stint in a jail cell on Rikers Island, he may be willing to do almost anything to keep from going back to that hell-hole – even ratting on Donald Trump.

Think about that! Sitting in a cell can do wonders for your perspective. Even Michael Cohen – Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer — used to say that he would take a bullet for Trump.