Unmasking Fauci and The ScienceTM

Many people aren’t aware that there’s a difference between science and The ScienceTM.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. There’s a logical reasoning underpinning it.

And your health and well-being rely heavily on being able to discern the two.

The truth is that many things we think are scientifically proven are nothing further from the truth. Rather, they are cleverly designed marketing strategies by governments, large corporations and other institutions to assure their intended audience of the benefits of a certain product.

Some of you might’ve been around when doctors endorsed smoking as a healthy habit. They even used consensus data such as this poster to make it appear as if it’s scientifically proven:

Source: Country Gentlemen, 1946

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In hindsight, we realise the absurdity and the deception behind it. We don’t know who these many doctors are, their credentials, or the grounds on which they gave their opinion. Tobacco companies engaged in unethical means to extract the desired outcome. This included distributing cigarette packs to doctors, asking loaded questions, and changing the narrative on the health effects through diversion and downplaying the negatives.

Nowadays, we know there’s empirical data to show that smoking can cause different forms of cancer as well as damage to the respiratory system. And tobacco companies paid dearly for it when the truth came out. However, they’d made billions and the compensation was likely a slap on the wrist especially given it took decades to catch up to them.

We haven’t learnt much after all these years. And this strategy of conflating science still does its rounds.

I’ll unpack it today.

The unravelling of Dr Anthony Fauci — the man who called himself ‘The Science’

In Australia, we’ve recently seen the mainstream media change their narrative regarding the Wuhan virus and control measures implemented by the government and public health authorities.

Last Saturday’s front page news on The Australian was a bombshell. It revealed how Dr Anthony Fauci sought to cover up the origins of the Wuhan virus and his gain-of-function research money trail. While this had done the rounds in 2021, the government authorities and mainstream media tried to downplay it or spun it as a conspiracy theory.

Yes, they actually published these articles at the same time in order to obfuscate the public and sow doubt in their minds.

However, the increasing weight of evidence against Dr Fauci from testimonies and witnesses, as well as his own emails, exposes him as a pathological liar who may’ve been behind one of the worst medical debacles in history. So much so that those who once circled the wagons around him are now having to do an about-face to preserve the little credibility they’ve got.

This is the man who once said attacks on him are ‘attacks on science’.

His bold claim revealed the level of hubris and self-assurance, understandable given his long career spanning almost 40 years as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Immune Diseases since 1984.

The hypocrisy of a double-masked man

Dr Fauci may’ve been right about seeing himself as ‘the science’. Perhaps we should even say he is the face of The ScienceTM.

We saw how the world took his recommendations from the onset of the Wuhan virus outbreak as gospel. Government leaders, public health agencies, academia, corporations, media and the general public bowed to his every word and followed his recommendations religiously.

Publicly he advocated the use of face masks. However, in private emails revealed in 2021, it showed that he knew that they weren’t effective. He even laughed at those who followed the health directives to take off masks when sitting down in a restaurant as having it ‘ass backwards’. Perhaps the most ridiculous recommendation he made was in early 2021 when he suggested that wearing two masks ‘just makes common sense’.

Similarly, he was a keen advocate of lockdowns. For almost two years, he used fear tactics to scare people into staying at home. He praised Australia in early-2021 for following his directives, saying that ‘When Australia shuts down, it shuts down’.

In hindsight, lockdowns crunched the global economy and ruined many livelihoods. We’re starting to live through this.

‘Safe and effective’ leading to injuries, deaths and millions in compensation payouts

Perhaps the most egregious impact on the world attributable to Dr Fauci is that of the vaccines, which more than 5.5 billion people in the world took. With the announcement of a vaccine for the virus, Dr Fauci used lockdowns and vaccines as a carrot-and-stick to increase vaccine intake.

I wrote previously about ‘The Twitter Files’ by Matt Taibbi. Within that showed Dr Fauci’s hand in censorship of dissenting views over the efficacy of these vaccines.

Before the Wuhan virus outbreak, vaccine effectiveness was somewhat of a sacred cow. To doubt or question this would turn you into an ‘anti-vaxxer’, or someone who is anti-science and irrational.

The whole thing began unravelling though as Pfizer revealed last October to the European Union Parliament that they never tested them to see if they stopped transmission. Now we’re seeing the negative impacts it had on the people.

Most recently, the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology published a review study on the impact of these vaccines in Australia. The results found some shocking outcomes including the alarming incidences of serious side effects and deaths across all ages. It revealed findings that mainstream media and the medical community suppressed.

As of last October 2022, the Federal Government had budgeted $77 million for claims expected in the 2023 financial year. This could continue to rise in the coming years.

Going forward, the world is going to face a lingering aftermath of this serious case of medical malpractice. And Dr Fauci will stand responsible for it.

Even if he won’t be able to repay the damage, he knows that he’s dealt a death blow to the public trust in vaccinations. One of his regrets is that vaccination intake has fallen since this global catastrophe.

Will the world learn its lesson?

If there is a lesson we need to learn, it’s that discernment is of paramount importance.

We’ve seen how a general lack of understanding of science has caused us to blindly follow someone who spoke the right words, looked the part and ended up causing us much harm and grief.

To be fair, not everything Dr Fauci said was wrong. However, the authorities took his words and implemented them without questioning going so far as to coerce people against their best interest.

Those who went against the flow these three years faced much vilification at the time. However, the world is realising slowly that there was merit in what they did.

Once again, it shows that contrarian thinking shines through. It takes much courage to persist and prevail when the world is deeply immersed in conformity and groupthink.

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