Wall Street Legend Yale Hirsch 100th!


Santa Claus Rally, January Barometer, Best Six Months Strategy:
all invented by Yale! On what would be my father’s 100th birthday I am
here to tell you market seasonality and the 4-year presidential election stock
market cycle are alive and well. It is fitting that the 57th Annual
Edition of the Stock Trader’s Almanac he founded in 1966 will be released

When he created the first 1968 edition he was ahead of his
time. His iconic thinking and detailed analysis of historical stock market behavior
and cycles in different political and economic environments was unmatched. He could
probably have told you, within reason, what the stock market was likely to do
any hour, on any day, in any future year. He put behavioral finance, market
cycles and seasonality at the fingertips of traders, investors, and advisors and
it has remained on the desks of top fund managers to this day.

We lost Yale two years ago at 98, but his legacy lives on.
We are reminded of him every day when we track market cycles, patterns, and trends.
Back in the 1969 Almanac he first warned us about October volatility and that October
is the best time of the year to buy stocks. I have been buying recently after
being on the sidelines since June. I carry this seasonal torch forward through
the annual print edition and Almanac Investor Newsletter. Check out our
latest trades at https://stocktradersalmanac.com/.

My 2010 Super Boom forecast for Dow 38820 by 2025 is based
on his seminal work and discovery of the 500%+ market moves following war and
inflation. In 1976 he predicted Dow 3420 by 1990.

This 2024 Almanac is a
testament to the original iconic work founder Yale Hirsch created in the first
1968 edition and the over five decades of behavioral finance thought leadership
it has provided since. The Almanac remains the most valuable trader’s
desk reference on Wall Street and this year’s Almanac is packed with
seasonal and historic investing insights for the year ahead including:

  • 2024 Outlook – page 10
  • Bulls Win When Market Hits The January
    Trifecta – page 20
  • 2024 Presidential Election Year Perspectives –
    page 26
  • Market Charts of Presidential Election Years –
    page 28
  • How the Government Manipulates the Economy to
    Stay in Power – page 32
  • Incumbent Party Wins & Losses – page 34
  • Only Two Losses Last 7 Months of Election
    Years – page 80
  • Traders Feast on Small Stocks Thanksgiving
    Through Santa Claus Rally – page 104
  • The Incredible January Barometer: Only 12
    Significant Errors in 73 Years – page 18
  • “Best Six Months”: Still An Eye-Popping
    Strategy – page 54
  • MACD-Timing Triples “Best Six Months” Results
    page 56